Hummus for the Win: Healthy and Tasty March Madness Recipe Roundup

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Hummus for the Win: Healthy and Tasty March Madness Recipe Roundup

March Madness is back, and if you’re like us, it’s as much about the snackage as it is about the basketball.

Boy, do we have a team of delicious flavors for you.

We’ve got a whole lineup of recipes with hummus as the MVP. Choose one of these, or go simple and choose one of our delicious and unique flavors along with a healthy (or decadent) side. Here are our top picks for recipes for your next March Madness gathering. Choose the theme of snacks (or meal) you’d like and get to snackin!

For Those Who Want a Meal

Hummus adds a delicious depth of flavor to any dish you add it to – from meats to potatoes, to pizza. This section of recipes is for those who want a bit more to fill their stomachs while you watch a game:

GrilBlack Bean Hummus Burgers

These burgers are vegan and packed with flavor. This is due to the flavor of hummus we add –  Black Garlic Hummus. The warmth and nuttiness of the garlic blend with the black beans to make a truly tasty burger. Top it with your favorite burger toppings and get to it.

Grilled Veggie Hummus Pizza

Our Red Pepper Hummus is the star of the show with this pizza (but really, pizza is its own event, so it’s hard to pick a star). Topped with veggies and gooey goat or feta cheese (yum!), this is a healthy meal that feels like a cheat day.

These black bean street tacos pack on the flavor. Made with our spicy Jalapeño Cilantro Hummus, you get a kick of spice along with the earthiness of hummus. Top with your favorite toppings (think lime, cilantro, and cheese – oh my!) and enjoy. Thank goodness March Madness has a lot of games to watch, as you’ll be making this recipe more than once.

Buffalo sauce is a classic game-day flavor. Our hummus is not only healthy, but absolutely true to that flavor we all love and crave. These sliders have a healthy portion of our hummus, along with a slice of lettuce and tomato (‘cause you have to have some greens in there). We’re pretty sure you should have an extra tub of hummus to dip on the side, just sayin’.

Buffalo is a classic game-day flavor. We're pretty sure you should have a extra tub of hummus on the side - just sayin'.

For The Nacho Fans:

For those of you who love nachos and chips, we’ve got you covered. We have all the flavors you need when you build a plate of nachos – from avocado to lime and beyond. Here’s our roundup of dips!

Epic Guac Bar featuring Hope Hummus

A nacho bar is really the best because you can pick and choose what flavors you want each time you go back for more (and let’s be honest, you’ll go back at least twice with this amount of flavor). Lay out all your favorite nacho toppings along with our Green Chile Guacamole Hummus, and get ready for the best nachos you’ve ever had.

The secret to creamy, velvety vegan queso is our Red Pepper Hummus. Top black bean chips with all the veggies you crave and top with loads of our smooth and flavorful queso for a snack perfect for game day. The red pepper in our hummus gives it a tangy flavor that pairs perfectly with traditional nacho toppings (think avocado and cilantro).

Elote Hummus Dip

So, this isn’t technically a nacho, but the flavors of the corn have nacho-like qualities. The charred corn on the cob paired with the cotija cheese? A perfect blend. Our Original Hummus is the base of this delicious dip. Instead of chips, warm up slices of pita bread and you won’t be able to stop dipping.

Mmm...bacon. We're getting hungry just thinking about it.

For Those Who Love the Classics

There’s just something about the classic game-day appetizers: From artichoke dip to buffalo sauce (we’ve got you covered with both those flavors in ONE recipe), you can’t beat the classics.

These bacon-wrapped jalapeño poppers are stuffed with our hummus and wrapped up with bacon (mmm…bacon. We’re getting hungry just thinking about it). You can use rice paper bacon for a vegan option, or regular bacon. Either way, you’ll be raving about this recipe long after March Madness.

Tater tot skewers - how to eat hummus

These tots are like the bite-sized version of a loaded baked potato (we’d argue this is the better version, but we’re biased). It’s a simple recipe as well: Simply bake up the tots and top with all the fixings and the vegan queso made with our Red Pepper Hummus, and dig in. Yum, yum!

Recipe for Buffalo Artichoke Dip Stuffed Mushrooms

What’s more classic for watching a game than buffalo dip? Well…maybe artichoke dip (they’re possibly a tie). Thankfully, you don’t have to choose a winner with this recipe. We blend the flavors using our Buffalo Bleu Hummus, bleu cheese, and artichokes. Could this recipe get any better? We think not.

We’ve got you covered with wing recipes that pack on the flavor without using up all your calories for the day.

For the Lover of Wings

Wings. The most classic of game-day foods. You might think that this section is less healthy – but fear not – we’ve got you covered with wing recipes that pack on the flavor without using up all your calories for the day.

Mango Cauliflower Wings - how to serve hummus

You might think that cauliflower couldn’t possibly take the place of chicken, but think again my friend. The Jalapeño Cilantro Hummus you use in the sauce makes these bad boys melt in your mouth. Mango and jalapeño were made for each other, and you get to enjoy this perfect blend of flavors with these tasty wings.

With this creative recipe, you add the Jalapeño Cilantro Hummus to the batter, giving it a savory flavor with a spicy kick. Pair these mouth-watering wings with the classic celery and carrot sticks to cool down the spice. We’re confident you’ll need to make an extra batch of these (we won’t judge).

snack ideas for work parties - buffalo bleu wings

These wings are classic: Oven-roasted to perfection then tossed in a sauce made with our Buffalo Bleu Hummus. You really can’t get any more old-school than that. That doesn’t mean they lack flavor: Au contraire – they are full of that tangy flavor we know and love (pssst – let me let you in on a little secret: You could sub in any of our delicious hummus flavors with this recipe for a wider variety and smorgasbord of wings!).

For Those with Elevated Taste Buds

These recipes are for those who like the finer things of life (let’s face it – we all like a bit of champagne and caviar if the occasion allows). While caviar isn’t on the list, it might as well be, as these recipes could be for a dinner party as well as for game day snack food.

Crostini: Even the name sounds fancy. And, fancy it is and packed with savory flavors to boot. This crostini is elevated by the Black Garlic Hummus you layer on before the tomato and olive mixture. The garlic pairs perfectly to make a fine and flavorful snack (or meal, if you just can’t stop).

How to make a bagel board - nut dips, hummus - gluten and dairy free

Hop on board the veggie board train with this recipe. Sometimes the simplest things in life are the best, and this board couldn’t be simpler (or tastier). All you have to do is gather your favorite crackers and other dippables, and lay out a tub of our unique Thai Coconut Curry Hummus, and voila! You have a winner.

These bites may be small, but they’re mighty on flavor! Mix chickpeas, black beans, cilantro, and a few other ingredients and bake to perfection. Dip in our savory-smooth (yes, we just made up that term – it just fits) Black Garlic Hummus and you’ll feel so happy and complete (ok, we admit that might be taking it a bit far – but we promise they are yummy).

Here’s to All the March Madness Celebrations

We hope we’ve contributed to your great March Madness-watching and given you some great ideas for snacks and meals. Our hummus is not only good to eat, it’s good for you: All our dips are organic and made with non-GMO ingredients. Additionally, our hummus is High Pressure Processed (HPP). That’s a fancy way of saying we don’t use a high-heat treatment (or synthetic additives) to process our hummus. Instead, we don’t heat at all – which leads to a fresher taste (and also happens to be a better way to kill bacteria such as e. coli and listeria).

Focus on your health and your fun with these great recipes this month for March Madness. Let us know how you’re enjoying this season by connecting with us on Instagram, Pinterest, or Facebook!

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