Happy Hummus Holidays: Thanksgiving & Holiday Recipes

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Happy Hummus Holidays: Thanksgiving & Holiday Recipes

Fall is in full swing. In some places across the country, snow has already fallen. That is the universal signal that the holiday season has begun. And we’re here for it! Bring on cozy weather, festive food, gatherings with friends, and memories being made.

Planning for the holidays can be stressful, however: Coming up with healthy, delicious food that plates well and is easy to serve, that all your guests will enjoy while considering dietary restrictions seems like an impossible task.

Don’t worry – we’ve got you. Our hummus comes in an array of flavors and colors: Pleasing to the tongue as well as the eyes. Your holiday table will be delicious, nutritious, simple to pull together, and festive. The holidays are all about spending time together and creating memories – which is why we strive to help you keep it simple. Here are our top “hummus holidays” recipes for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the New Year!

Hummus Holidays: Simple,
Delicious, and Nutritious Recipes

Here’s our round-up of recipes that are festive, healthy and easy to make! Our “hummus holidays” collections, if you will. 

Build-Your-Own Veggie Slider Bar with Roasted Red Pepper Hummus BBQ Sauce, vegan + dairy-free

Build-Your-Own Veggie Slider Bar

This is a great recipe to serve when you need to feed a crowd. And, it’s vegan and dairy-free! Change it up for different dietary concerns by serving with gluten-free buns, or serve beef burgers if you’re not vegetarian or vegan. 

Mini Falafel Waffles with Tabbouleh Salad

These mini waffles are perfect for a pre-Thanksgiving-meal brunch. They’re refreshing and unique and full of a good, rich flavor from our Original Hummus

Mini Waffle Falafels with Tabbouleh Salad

Tomato and Olive Crostini

This crowd-pleaser is oh-so-delicious. Our Black Garlic Hummus has a rich, tangy flavor and makes this crostini a favorite at every party and gathering. This appetizer is unique and the umami-ness is to-die-for. 

Sea Salt & Olive Oil Pasta Salad

This is another great recipe to serve if you are feeding a crowd. This creamy pasta dish is a favorite for people of every age. Use dairy-free cheese and gluten-free shells for those staying away from dairy and gluten. 

Sea Salt and Olive Oil Pasta Salad
Butternut Squash Bisque - Happy Hummus Holidays

Butternut Squash Bisque

This soup is absolutely spot-on for fall flavor. The secret dash of flavor comes from our Thai Coconut Curry Hummus, which adds a flavorful spin on a classic. We’re sure your dinner guests will be thrilled with this homey, cozy soup. 

Vegan Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Poppers

What says it’s time for holiday feasting more than bacon wrapped jalapeno poppers? This is a crowd-pleaser, and is a much healthier option than the traditional recipe. Make these with vegan bacon, or use regular bacon if you so desire. 

Vegan Deviled Red Potatoes - what do you eat with hummus

Vegan Deviled Red Potatoes

These potatoes are made with our Original Hope Hummus, and are a great appetizer or side-dish for your holiday parties. They are festive and pretty for your buffet table, and have an amazing flavor as well. 

Stuffed Acorn Squash

This recipe is another fall favorite. Our recipe uses hummus, apple, quinoa, sage, and walnuts, which lends it a unique and nutty flavor perfect for cooler weather. You’ll want to do all the fall things after eating this meal!

Crunchy + Creamy Green Beans

Shallots and our Original Hope Hummus blend together to make a smooth and creamy sauce for these crunchy and fresh green beans. These are the perfect side dish for Thanksgiving dinner: A traditional dish with a festive spin. 

Jalapeño Cilantro Cauliflower Wings

These vegan wings have the perfect punch of spice due to the Jalapeno Cilantro Hummus added to the batter. Served with a side of dipping sauce, this recipe is perfect as an appetizer at your next party.            

Tater tot skewers - how to eat hummus

Loaded Sweet Potato Tots Skewers

One of the best, most underrated party foods is tater tot bowls: Bake up a bunch of tots and set out a wide variety of toppings. Guests can choose whatever toppings they like. This recipe calls for a vegan queso made with our Red Pepper Hummus and sweet potato tots. Yum. 

Thai Coconut Curry Veggie Board

Veggie boards are a classic buffet and party food. They’re great to add some healthy and fresh flavor to your table. Our veggie board features our Thai Coconut Curry Hummus, for a fun spin on this tasty classic. 

Hummus Holidays: Keep it Super Simple

If these recipes seem like a bit too much work, the great thing about our hummus is that you can simply open up a tub, throw out some dippables (like bread, veggies, fruit, crackers, etc.) and bam: You’ve got an appetizer everyone will love (you can even buy our hummus online now!). Remember that the holidays aren’t about everything being perfect – they’re about relationships and building memories for years to come.  What are some of your favorite holiday traditions? Connect with us on Instagram and let us know!