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Real Customer Reviews

- Katie Chang, Forbes
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"Taste so indulgent you may never go back to conventional dips again”
- Patricia
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"Hi, I would like to mention that today I purchased for the first time the Roasted Red Pepper Cashew & Almond Dip. I absolutely LOVE it!! I hope that you will continue to market this product. I also called the store to tell them to continue to keep it in stock. Thank You!"
- Celina
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"Hello! I really love your hummus, your business, your partnership with mental heath, and I would love to support you by showing you off."
- Lena
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"Love your brand and am big fan of several of the flavors! I am a Costco shopper and …had the Garlic flavor and it was fantastic - would love to see that back there! Right now they have Chocolate and I love that. I would love to see more dessert flavors! …Keep up the great work!"
- Avri
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"I just moved to Crested Butte Colorado last week and my life has been changed…I am not over exaggerating when I say Hope hummus is THE best hummus I have ever had. I think your hummus takes the cake. …It is undoubtedly worth every penny. Keep up the good work!"
- Caroline
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"I love your products. Since I discovered your hummus, it is the only one I buy. I’ve tried every flavor hummus & liked it."
- Carly
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"I'm a big fan of Hope and your entire brand as a whole. I love everything you guys are doing."
- Refinery 29
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"This hummus brand basically created it's own dip category."
- Anonymous
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"Kudos to you & your company! I’ve recently tried many of your cashew & almond based dips at my local Aldi store—and EVERY SINGLE ONE was simply AMAZING!!! I love your hummus and guacamole too!! Honestly, you have a FOREVER customer in me! What great products you have!!"
- Lindsay
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"I love everything your company stands for—and it’s an absolute bonus that your products are SO awesome!! You guys rock!! Keep up the good work!!"
- Barbara
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"Just wanted to drop you a note. I just found your cashew dips …and I LOVE them!! I'll definitely will be telling my friends about your products! I bought the red pepper and the spicy pepper, I couldn't stop eating it! Thank you for putting these out!"
- Sophia
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"I really enjoy your hummus products, they are exceptional compared to all others on the market. I recommend your hummus to my friends and family, especially the thai coconut curry flavor! I recently tried your french onion almond and cashew hummus, and although I was hesitant at first, it thoroughly surprised me! It was great and I look forward to trying more once my local stores have more flavors in stock! Thank you :)"
- Lisa
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"Hey, I just wanted to say how much I love your cashew and almond dips, especially the roasted garlic and french onion! I'm stuck at home like most people and I'm trying to eat as clean as possible which is not easy on a normal day, let alone being stuck at home with 4 kids. Thanks for some awesome healthy snacking!"
- James
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"The French Onion dip is amazing!!!! I'm not vegan but it's the best one I've ever had! Thank you for sharing it!!"
- Linda
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"This almost-vegetarian just wants to say THANK YOU for a new, delicious, healthy food to my diet! I love avocados and I love nuts. Your Avocado Ranch is marriage made in Heaven! I eat it on everything, including a spoon! Thanks again, and please keep these surprisingly delicious products coming!"

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