Cinco de Mayo: Sweeten Your Celebration

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Cinco de Mayo Food: Sweeten Your Celebration

Feliz Cinco de Mayo! Who doesn’t want an excuse to eat tacos? We’re all about flavor here at Hope Foods, and Mexican flavors are one of our favorites. From our tasty guacamole to our Spicy Pepper Cashew & Almond Dip, we’ve embraced the flavors of our neighbors down south (we have some delicious taco recipes, by the way – these Roasted Garlic Roasted Cauliflower Lettuce Tacos and Jalapeno Cilantro Black Bean Street Tacos are two of our most delicious recipes if we do say so ourselves). We’ve gathered our favorite Cinco de May food ideas for you and your friends and family.

We’ve embraced the flavors of our neighbors down south (check out our fantastic taco recipes)!

And, while the savory flavors are to-die-for, today we want to shine a spotlight on our sweet cashew and almond dips. After a round of salsa and guacamole, a little something sweet is just what you need. Here’s a bit of a background on our sweet nut dips:

Vanilla Bean Cashew and Almond Dip

First, we have the Vanilla Bean Cashew & Almond Dip. The term “vanilla” has a bad connotation, but we promise our dip is anything but boring or mundane.  Our incredibly smooth and tasty dip is a blend of cashews and almonds – blended to creamy perfection. Fresh vanilla beans and cane sugar are added to give it a rich and sweet flavor. 

Chocolate Cashew Almond Dip Lid

Second is our Chocolate Cashew & Almond Dip. No one says no to chocolate (and if you do, we seriously question your sanity). Our creamy dip is made with a blend of cashews and almonds, small-batch organic cocoa, and less sugar than most leading brands of chocolate dip (so it’s guilt-free chocolate – what could be better?). 

These two dips are the building blocks for countless sweet and healthy recipes and combinations.

Ways to Enjoy Our Sweet Cashew & Almond Dips

Our sweet cashew and almond dips are showstoppers. Because of this, you might be at a loss as to what you can dip into them (yes, we know you want to eat them right out of the tub – and no, we don’t judge you for it). Our sweet dips are oh-so-delicious with many things. Here are our favorite things to dip:

Dippable Items:

Strawberries: dessert dips for fruit
recipes for dessert dips with bananas
recipes for dessert dips for waffles
Apples for fruit dipping
Wafer Cookie: dessert dips for cookies
Candied Orange Slices

And much more!

Recipes featuring Our Sweet Dips:

Chocolate Dessert Board Using HOPE Chocolate Cashew & Almond Dip 3-Ways

This is a fun new spin on a charcuterie board and fondue. Use our Chocolate Cashew & Almond Dip (you could use Vanilla Bean and omit the peanut butter) and make a spread of things to dip in it. Yum! This is a fantastic idea for  Cinco de Mayo desserts.

Air-Fryer Churros with HOPE Cashew & Almond Dipping Sauce, Vegan

Keeping with our Cinco de Mayo food theme, this recipe features churros and our Chocolate Cashew & Almond Dip as a dipping sauce. Who doesn’t want to enjoy a cinnamon-dusted donut dipped in chocolate?

Cherry Chocolate Chunk Ice Cream Recipe

This chocolatey ice cream is made with coconut milk, and because our chocolate nut dip is dairy-free, you can enjoy this treat if you can’t eat dairy! The chocolate flavor is created with our dip and dark chocolate chunks. 

One of the biggest problems with s’mores is that the chocolate doesn’t melt. That age-old problem is solved when you use our chocolate cashew and almond dip in place of regular chocolate (the creaminess is exquisite). Our version of this classic includes raspberries for a fun spin on flavor!

too early for vegan dark chocolate + raspberry cheesecake?! ??✨ never.
recipe inspired by @dani_nemeh ?

If you can’t eat dairy, use either our Vanilla Bean Cashew and Almond Dip and our Chocolate Cashew and Almond Dip in place of cream cheese. The options are endless: Think dairy-free carrot cake, cheesecake, and more.        

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with a Sweet Finale!

If you’re planning a celebration for Cinco de Mayo, we have some great recipes for you that are healthy as well as festive. And, with our two sweet nut dips as a finale, you’ll give a party everyone will remember! Whether you make one of the recipes above (we highly recommend the churros with chocolate dipping sauce). Happy Cinco de Mayo: May your celebrations be festive!

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