¡Qué Bueno! Delicious and Healthy Cinco de Mayo Food

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Cinco de Mayo Food that is Healthy and Fun

Pull out your chips and salsa, ‘cause it’s time to celebrate! For over 150 years, the 5th of May has been an important national holiday in Mexico. It is also widely celebrated in the United States, because most Americans resonate deeply with the Mexican army’s 1862 victory, at the Battle of Puebla, over France in the Franco-Mexican war

We’ll take just about any excuse to chow down on Mexican food!

Well, to be honest, it could either be that or the fact that we love margaritas. To be really honest, we’ll take just about any excuse to chow down on Mexican food—including celebrating history and fun food traditions! There’s no shortage of traditional Mexican dishes to create, but what if you want to get creative? What if there were a way to pay homage to traditional Mexican dishes using whole, health-conscious foods

We love inspired takes on classic recipes, especially when they contain hummus! No longer simply a Mediterranean dip, hummus has diversified and become a worldwide phenomenon, with amazing flavors to suit nearly any occasion. And so it is with Cinco de Mayo recipes as well. Hummus flavors like Jalapeño Red, Spicy Avocado, and Jalapeño Cilantro have paved the way for creative and delicious infusions that will delight your guests’ palates

Flavorful and Nutritious Cinco de Mayo Recipes

Whether you’re just making a simple dinner or you want to go all out with Cinco de Mayo drinks, entrees, and dessert, we have solutions. You can find hundreds of delicious recipes and creative ideas at our HOPE Kitchen and Instagram foodie community—you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the ingenuity of modern recipes that riff off of Cinco de Mayo food traditions. Add in some Cinco de Mayo drinks like margaritas or palomas, and maybe Cinco de Mayo desserts such as flan, and you’re all set to party

Elote Hummus Dip Recipe

Elote Hummus Dip

This popular Mexican casual dip is a perfect introduction to Cinco de Mayo food. This tasty and healthy version uses a base of Original Recipe hummus mixed with Cotija, grilled sweet corn, paprika, lime, cilantro, and olive oil. And with a prep time of only 20 minutes, you’ll be able to throw it together quickly and easily.

Veggie Tacos - Fun Recipes
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Veggie Tacos by @roastingmycase

Don’t leave tacos off your Cinco de Mayo recipe list! You can go traditional, or you can mix things up a bit with these gorgeous vegan tacos. Stuff corn tortillas with green pepper, carrot ribbons, tomato, radish, pumpkin seeds, and hemp seeds—then top it all of with Kale Pesto hummus. Or if you want to keep it more faithful to traditions, grab some Jalapeño Cilantro hummus to go south of the border.

Vegan Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Poppers

Vegan Bacon Wrapped Jalapeño Poppers

Just because you’re eating healthy, doesn’t mean you have to give up on flavor! This delicious Cinco de Mayo appetizer packs some heat along with its bold flavor, and it’s healthy to boot. Halved jalapeños are filled with a mixture of Jalapeño Red hummus, vegan Worcestershire, nutritional yeast, coconut aminos, maple syrup, and liquid smoke, and then wrapped in strips of rice paper bacon. Recipe makes 20 servings… but that’s probably not enough!

Vegan Queso Nachos

Vegan Queso Nachos

Can you find anyone who doesn’t like nachos? Don’t worry; we’ll wait. This nacho plate is one of our fastest-disappearing Cinco de Mayo recipes, featuring black bean chips topped with avocado, black beans, sliced radish, tomato, onion, and a rich queso made with Red Pepper hummus. ¡Qué rico!

Quesadillas with Green Chile Guacamole
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Quesadillas with Green Chile Guacamole by @winniesbalance_

Any day is a quesadilla day, but this cheesy treat makes especially good food for your party. Throw in some veggies or meat of your choice, pair with microgreens, and dip ‘em in Green Chile Guacamole and salsa to add some heat.

Regardless of the food you plan to serve at your party, we’ve got the dips to keep it innovative (all you need are a few delicious Cinco de Mayo desserts like these). In all of our delicious organic hummus and guacamole flavors, we use only extra virgin olive oil instead of less healthy substitutes, and keep our dips free of synthetic additives and preservatives. Try a flavor today!

¡Salud y buen provecho!