Chocolate Dip

The next sweetest thing to putting a ring on it is adding our Chocolate Dip to snack time. With a blend of small batch organic cocoa, creamy cashews and delicious almonds, along with lower sugar and less processing than most of those other chocolate spreads out there, this is a marriage made in heaven.

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Chocolate Cashew Almond Dip Lid

Nutrition Information

Serving Size: 2 Tbsp (28g)
Servings Per Container: 8
Contains Tree Nuts

Amount per servings:
  • Calories: 90
  • Total Fat: 6g (8% DV)
  • Saturated Fat: 1g (5%DV)
  • Trans Fat: 0g
  • Cholesterol: 0mg (0% DV)
  • Sodium: 35 mg (2% DV)
  • Total Carbohydrates: 8g (3% DV)
  • Fiber: 2g (7% DV)
  • Total Sugars: 5g (Includes 4g Added Sugars, 8% DV)
  • Protein: 2g
  • Vitamin D: 0mcg (0% DV
  • Calcium: 13mg (2% DV)
  • Iron: 1mg (6% DV)
  • Potassium: 123mg (2% DV)


Water, Cashews, Almonds, Cane Sugar, Cocoa Powder, Sunflower Oil, Agave Nectar, Contains less than 2% of Natural Vanilla Flavor, Sea Salt, Citric Acid, Xanthan Gum.
Contains Tree Nuts (Cashews, Almonds) Produced in a facility that processes Sesame Seeds.


Uh oh… no dessert in the pantry! It’s time to grab some luscious chocolate dip. What do you do? Whether it’s your spouse wanting a mid-afternoon work snack, your kids needing some playtime fuel, or guests looking for a bit o’ chocolate spread, it’s up to you to figure out what to do.

Once upon a time, the best solution would have been to head to the market and hit up the Nutella aisle. We all know it’s stuffed full of sugar and saturated fat, but since when have there been any healthier and lower-calorie Nutella alternatives?

Since now. Our flavor creators at HOPE have been busy in the kitchen, crafting a cashew and almond chocolate dip that’s bursting with chocolatey flavor. One bite and you’ll agree: it blows the competition out of the water. Read on to see what makes our chocolate spread so awesome…

Nutella alternatives

Finally, Chocolate Spread Without the Guilt!

When we set out to create a chocolate dip, we knew we had stiff competition—but we also knew that the world’s best-selling chocolate dip is mass-produced and packed with unhealthy ingredients! And just as we’ve done with our creative organic hummus flavors, we decided to craft a high-quality, small-batch chocolate dip for your pretzels, toast, bagels, bananas, strawberries or to enjoy by the spoonful! And as a Nutella alternative, it’s better in just about every way. Don’t believe us? Well fortunately, the facts speak for themselves.* The stats below are for a 2 tablespoon serving of each dip!

NutellaHOPE Chocolate Dip
200 80
Sugar (g)
21 4
Saturated Fat
4 1

We mean, is there any comparison? The primary ingredient in Nutella is sugar—accounting for 58% of the whole jar by weight! But if you look at the label on our dairy free, non-GMO chocolate dip, you’ll see that the first three ingredients are water, cashew butter, and roasted almonds. YUM. So next time you’re at the store, don’t settle for a chocolate charade. Instead, head to the refrigerated section and grab a nutritious and natural chocolate spread that’s bursting with flavor.

HOPE Chocolate Dip is the Best for Everyone You Love

Hey, let’s not make things complicated. If you use chocolate spread for anything in your life, then you’re already ahead of the game. You can spread it on toast. You can use it as a chocolate dip for pretzels. You can eat a spoonful right out of the container—without eating 20% of your daily recommended sugar intake! It also makes a great vegan chocolate fruit dip that’s completely guilt-free. But if you’re feeling a bit decadent, you can use it as a chocolate dip for cookies or potato chips, a fabulous frosting for cupcakes, or wonderful breakfast spread for waffles and pancakes.

One thing is certain… whether you’re snacking alone or serving up food for your loved ones, you want to make sure that your calories aren’t coming from tons of sugar. HOPE Chocolate Cashew & Almond Dip is a non-GMO, dairy free chocolate dip made with care. Small-batch crafted using premium ingredients, it’s got the perfect creamy texture and deep chocolate flavor to keep you and yours healthy and happy—even when you need to indulge!

Take the HOPE Challenge. Take a container of this chocolate spread home today and see if it isn’t the best you’ve ever tried. We’ll bet anything that you’ll go NUTS over it!

Chocolate dip and chocolate spread