Hand Held Hummus! 5 Easy Finger Food Ideas

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Hand Held Hummus! 5 Easy Finger Food Ideas

What’s your favorite part of a party? Great location, fun with friends, maybe music and some space to dance? These are all great answers, but for us it’s definitely the food! Nothing tells your guests, or your host, that you appreciate them like a flavorful, healthy, and easy finger food ideas

Easy Appetizers and Finger Food Recipes for a Crowd

If you’re looking for the perfect cold finger foods, then you’re in luck—because hummus comes in a ton of nutritious and creative flavors, and makes for super simple prep so you can focus on more important things. Maybe you’d like classy flavors to make gourmet treats; the mellow and smooth taste of Roasted Black Garlic or Kale Pesto hummus are a perfect solution. Or maybe you want a finger snack with kick; try out Spicy Avocado, Buffalo Bleu, or Jalapeño Red hummus to turn up the heat!

Besides flavors that complement all your cold finger food buffet ideas, hummus also has a ton of amazing macronutrients, vitamins and minerals. In fact, hummus’ reputation as a bona fide superfood is the main reason for its tremendous rise in popularity. This amazing combo means that all your spring finger foods will keep your guests healthy and happy!

Party Recipes for Hot and Cold Finger Foods

For your next party, try one of these easy appetizers to make ahead of time. And make sure to use HOPE Hummus so your guests receive top-quality, USDA Certified Organic hummus with real extra virgin olive oil and no synthetic preservatives or additives!

You can find these easy finger food recipes for a crowd, as well as tons more, through our HOPE Kitchen and Instagram foodie community—so head on down and get ready for a real party

Cold finger food buffet ideas - Elote Hummus Dip

Elote Hummus Dip

This classic Mexican dip is the perfect cold finger food when paired with some chips or pita for dipping… and you can make it healthier with hummus! Just combine some Original Recipe hummus with sweet corn, cotija cheese, lime, olive oil, and some savory spices for a creative twist on this delicious dip.

Simple recipes for appetizers - Buffalo Bleu Wings

Buffalo Bleu Wings

Honestly, who doesn’t love chicken wings? This Buffalo Bleu hummus-based finger snack recipe uses baked chicken rather than fried, so it’s both healthy and yummy! Or if you’re looking for a vegan version, try Buffalo Bleu Cauliflower Wings for the same kick and some veggie crunch.

Party finger food ideas budget - Hummus and Tomato Crostini

Hummus and Tomato Crostini

A classic among cold finger foods, this traditionally Italian appetizer receives a modern makeover with exciting hummus flavors.  Just top some toasted baguette slices with Red Pepper, Kale Pesto, or Roasted Black Garlic hummus, then add some sliced cherry tomatoes, goat cheese, sea salt, and basil… then drizzle on some extra virgin olive oil to taste. But make plenty, because they’ll disappear fast!

Finger snacks for parties - Thai Coconut Curry Beet Crackers

Thai Coconut Curry Beet Crackers by @eatwellwithmb

This tasty but low-commitment snack is one of our favorite easy cold finger foods for when you’re in a hurry. Just grab some tasty flax crackers and top with Thai Coconut Curry hummus and organic beets. Full of fiber and healthy nutrients, these spring finger foods are hard to beat.

Easy make ahead recipes for finger foods - Loaded Sweet Potato Tots Skewers

Loaded Sweet Potato Tots Skewers

Some easy recipes you don’t expect to be healthy since they taste so darn good! One of those treats is this tater tot recipe, made with delicious queso that’s actually vegan. Made from Red Pepper hummus, raw cashews and a bunch of flavoring spices, this queso makes for an amazing drizzle over skewered tater tots. Definitely a finger snack for your next fun party.

Ever since our tasty flavors first hit the market, HOPE Hummus has been pioneering new taste combinations and novel methods of ensuring that your hummus is the freshest tasting and healthiest around. Take the HOPE Challenge—buy a container today for your next easy cold finger foods, and see if you’re not completely blown away!

As always, cheers and happy eating.