Red Cabbage Slaw with Black Garlic Dressing

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Back-to-School Lunches Your Kids Will Love

By Hope Foods

It’s that time of year again…back-to-school season! Having a plan for what to pack for lunch makes getting ready for the busy school year a whole lot easier. It can be challenging to come up with healthy lunch ideas day after day, and as adults, we get tired of the “same-old same-old” lunch. So, to help…

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hopefoods Sweet Potato Quinoa Buddha Bowl ?? after a hard workout, nothing hits the spot better than sweet potato am I right?! I'm right. details--> roasted sweet potato in @chosenfoods avocado oil + cilantro lime black bean sprouted quinoa + 1/2 ? + @hopefoods red pepper hummus + lemon tahini sauce #HopeHummus #SpreadGoodThings ?: @beazysbites
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Jalapeno Cilantro Black Bean Street Tacos

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"Your original hummus is super delicious and the texture is amazing. I literally use it on everything. Whenever I’m feeling tired or low-energy, it always get me pumped up again."