Vegan Dips You Can Count On for Flavor and Creaminess

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Vegan dips you can count on for flavor and creaminess

Over the years with more and more people becoming vegan there has been a rise in tasty food options that vegans previously never thought could exist. Have you long suffered from tasteless veggie burgers? Now alternatives exist where you can’t essentially tell the difference from real meat! Unmeltable cheese got you down? Not with the latest offerings available! But even with this wave of new advancements in vegan dip recipes and staples, there are some things that many vegans were still longing for. Things like a rich French onion dip to pile on their potato chips or a creamy ranch for their veggie sticks. But fear no more, that’s where we come in!

We at Hope Foods are dedicated to providing the best vegan dips and spreads your taste buds will ever try. Vegans and non-vegans alike will be in awe that we could create dips so dreamy and delicious that they are not only vegan but can rival the traditional snack foods, if not beat them in taste.

The Healthy Choice and Best Vegan Veggie Dip

Best vegan veggie dip recipeWe all know that often vegan and healthy are not mutually exclusive when it comes to anything but fruits and veggies. Most snack type foods are filled with unpronounceable ingredients, trans fats, and icky preservatives. Trying to find a healthy vegetarian dip seems to be like finding a needle in a haystack. We wanted to fill in the gaps for those beloved snacks and dips that many felt they had no choice but to give up when going vegan but do it in a way that not only leaves you feeling like you are not missing out on anything but are doing something good for yourself! All of our mouthwatering vegan dips are made with heart-healthy bases such as avocados, chickpeas, and nuts that bring an amazing creaminess that you never thought would be possible without dairy.  They’re the perfect vegan dips for chips. On top of that, the ingredients in all our products are simple, straight forward and easy to read. We are here to show that you don’t have to be on just a veggie-only diet to be healthy but you can have all your favs and still treat your body like a temple!

Amazing Vegan Dips and Mouthwatering Recipes

Not only are our dips so divine on their own, but if you use their magical capabilities combined with other ingredients, you can create mind-blowing vegan dip recipes that will send you to a new stratosphere. Try these great vegan chip dip recipes at your next party. Here are just a few to get started.

Recipe made with vegan veggie dipChipotle Quinoa Fiesta Bean Salad

For many vegans, beans can be an almost mandatory source of protein, fiber, and various important vitamins and minerals. Combine that with a myriad of fresh veggies and the fact that quinoa is considered a complete protein and you have a nutritional powerhouse of a meal with this Chipotle Quinoa Fiesta Bean Salad. But what’s more important the taste is even more amazing! The use of our Chipotle Cashew and Almond Dip imparts a smokiness and flavor that brings this salad to another level. Take it to your next picnic and be prepared to leave with an empty bowl.

Vegan dip recipesAvocado Ranch Roasted Cauliflower Lettuce Tacos

While this recipe isn’t for easy vegan chip dip, it will be the star of your next party. Love street tacos from a food truck on a hot summer day? Then these bright and zesty Avocado Ranch Roasted Cauliflower Lettuce Tacos are for you. Made with our Avocado Ranch Cashew and Almond Dip that gives a cool richness, this recipe will transport you to your favorite taqueria all from the comfort of your home.


vegan chip dip or veggie dpRainbow Roasted Veggies

Trying to find a way to pack as many veggies into your life as possible but struggling with just carrot sticks and steamed broccoli? Then these Rainbow Roasted Veggies will not only awaken your taste buds but the visuals are just as pleasing! With this recipe, you use these crispy, perfectly seasoned morsels as the carrier to our heavenly Roasted Garlic Cashew and Almond Dip that when brought together will make you realize that veggies can never be boring again!


best vegan dips make great chiliRoasted Garlic Chili Cups

Few things in the world are better crowd-pleasers than a big batch of warm, comforting chili. Not only is this recipe jam-packed with flavor but it’s also easy to make and full of nutrients that every vegan can use. But what if you wanted to make chili and make it a little fancier? Perhaps a chili appetizer for your latest cocktail soiree? Then this recipe is for you! We take this standard party favorite and turn it on its head by serving little bite-sized portions in adorable baked tortilla cups. These Roasted Garlic Chili Cups are also special because it gets an extra burst of garlicky goodness from our Roasted Garlic Cashew and Almond Dip that will have your party guests swooning.

Looking for a Straightforward Vegan Chip Dip?

Maybe you’re not looking for recipes, but rather just the best vegan dips to buy, or the best vegan dips for chips (and veggies too, of course) that are healthy and flavorful. The best thing about our lineup of cashew and almond dips is that they are all made with ingredients you can pronounce, are dairy-free, vegan, and absolutely, mouthwateringly delicious. Your chips and veggies will be happy to be dipped in such glorious flavor. And, the best part? There are 8 different flavors – from Spinach and Artichoke (perfect for pita chips) to a creamy and guilt-free Chocolate dip for strawberries and other fruit (or graham crackers if you want to be extra-decadent). So, whether you want to be fancy and make a vegan recipe from our dips, or you simply want a healthy dip for your next snack, look no further than our flavorful, creamy dips!

This is just a sample of all these things you can concoct with our fabulous vegan dips and spreads! You can check out our other recipes for more ideas or follow us on Instagram for more inspiration then you’ll know what to do with!