Start the Semester Right: Tasty and Healthy School Snacks!

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Healthy school snacks list

The classroom awaits, and the hallways are filled with the eager young minds of tomorrow… but knowledge isn’t the only thing they’re hungry for! Maybe you’re a parent trying to keep your children well-fed, or you’re a student yourself, burning through calories as you trek between classes and balance the social calendar—but either way, you need top-quality school snacks to ensure solid academic performance

However, building a tasty and healthy school snacks list can be a little trickier than you might hope! So often, back to school snacks can either be easy and boring, or more interesting but more time-consuming. Unfair, right? Well, not quite. There are some flavorful and versatile school snack solutions out there that make preparing healthy school snacks for class a breeze, and we’re here to let you in on some delicious DIY after school snacks you may be missing!

Healthy School Snacks Recipe List

We wanted to provide some school snack recipes that fit the three main criteria that any back to school snack should meet: nutritious, delicious, and expeditious! That is, it gives your body what it needs, tastes great, and is easy to make. For this, we went straight to hummus, nut dips, and guacamole. Hummus has been a superfood staple for years now, nut dips are fast on the rise, and guac is a healthy and fresh classic.

The recipes in this healthy school snacks list were selected from the hundreds available on our Instagram foodie community, HOPE Kitchen, and YouTube channel—so if you want something more, plenty of great ideas are just a click away. Now let’s get to eatin’!

Sea Salt & Olive Oil Pasta Salad - homemade healthy snacks for school

Sea Salt & Olive Oil Pasta Salad

Sometimes, we all need a quick bite! This fresh and invigorating pasta salad should be on your list of homemade healthy snacks for school because it’s a cinch to make, and it travels well in a Tupperware to boot. Simply combine your favorite pasta with some cherry tomatoes, avocado, cucumber, corn, and basil, then mix with a dressing made from Sea Salt & Olive Oil hummus and a couple other ingredients. Perfect fuel for those 15-minute breaks!

Grilled Black Bean Hummus Burgers

Grilled Black Bean Hummus Burgers

Barbeques are an essential feature of school life, whether at home or at friends’ houses. And if you’re feeling tired of fatty beef, try a vegetarian take on the classic burger. Full of black beans, Black Garlic hummus, Panko crumbs, egg, and tasty spices, these veggie patties make for great grilling as a school snack or party favorite.

Thai Coconut Curry Hummus & Avocado Toast by @nutritiouslydelicious - diy after school snacks
Image by @nutritiouslydelicious

Thai Coconut Curry Hummus & Avocado Toast by @nutritiouslydelicious_

All the young generations these days know that you can’t let the man shame you for loving avocado toast! But instead of heading over to the closest hipster haunt, make it at home in less than 5 minutes. Cover a slice of sprouted whole wheat toast with Thai Coconut Curry hummus, avocado, pink pickled onions, pine nuts, and some salt and pepper, and you’ve got a tangy and filling back to school snack.

Cashew and Almond Dips - healthy school snacks to buy

Cashew & Almond Dips + Whatever You Want!

We already mentioned how awesome our nut dips are. Have you tried them yet? Whether you’ve got chips, crackers, veggies, or a sandwich/wrap, a rich and creamy Cashew & Almond Dip are one of the best healthy school snacks to buy. Flavors like Chipotle, Roasted Garlic, and French Onion are great for quick snacking while poring over the latest textbook. And when you’re done, try Chocolate with some strawberries, bananas, or pretzels for a guilt-free dessert.

Epic Guac Bar - healthy school snacks for class

Epic Guac Bar

Whether you need a solid party app or a quick school snack, the guac bar is a versatile solution. You can spread it out over a table, or pack it in a lunch bag. Simply grab some Green Chile, Spicy Green Chile, or Spicy Mango guacamole, your favorite tortilla chips, and some sides like black beans, red onion, jalapeño, corn, and cheese… then either put ‘em together as a spread, or pack ‘em to go. Either way, it’s gonna disappear fast!

Whether you’re a prepared parent or a stressed student, HOPE Foods has your back. School may be difficult to manage, but that doesn’t mean that snacks have to be. If you’re properly fueled with great homemade healthy snacks for school, you’ll be a step ahead of the game… if you manage to get out of bed!

Cheers and happy studying!