Healthy Veggie Dip: Full of Flavor and Substance

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Healthy Veggie Dip: Full of Flavor and Substance

Now you may wonder how is it possible to have a creamy, flavorful condiment that doesn’t require copious amounts of artificial flavors and cholesterol spiking trans fats? Well, the secret is nuts! That’s right! The humble almond and cashew when blended can create a luscious consistency that rivals any rich dairy cream you can imagine (only our dairy free veggie dip doesn’t have any dairy). Add to that, fresh ingredients and high-quality herbs and you have dips that are not only healthier than the conventional dips out there but more delicious too!

Introducing Healthy Veggie Dip that Will Change Your Life

Beyond the unbelievable feat of our dips being both healthy and decadent, they also happen to be incredibly versatile. Let me introduce to you our latest offerings in the healthy dip category and all the various ways you can use them!

Avocado RanchAvocado Ranch Cashew & Almond Nut Dip - Dairy Free Veggie Dip

Ranch, the official condiment for all veggie related dipping. A little cup of ranch dressing to go with your carrot sticks has become as ubiquitous as seeing it on the dinner table to go with your salad. There is a reason ranch is such a staple in American homes and it is first and foremost because it is delicious! But with that rich, creamy consistency comes a ton of fat, calories, and preservatives in the conventional dressings. Not to mention that some people prefer something a little less… soupy. Luckily for the world, we had this all in mind when we introduced our Avocado Ranch Cashew and Almond dip! Imagine packing a little container of Ranch for your veggies in your lunch box and not having it leak all over everything! Our healthy vegetable dip gives you everything you love in Ranch with a more substantial texture and much better ingredients. What more can you ask for? Also, you think Ranch can only be used as a salad dressing or dipping sauce? Then you have not tried it in a pasta salad or spread on a sandwich because that will give you a whole new respect to how universally useful Ranch really is!

French Onion Cashew & Almond DipFrench Onion

French onion may mostly be known as the perfect complement to potato chips but first of all, let me just say, potatoes are still a vegetable! However, even beyond that, French onion is often just as popular a dipping sauce for veggies as ranch in some circles. Unfortunately, French onion also happens to be one of the biggest offenders in terms of unnatural and unpronounceable ingredients. For most people, MSG and palm oil just aren’t things that they are looking to add more of into their diet. Luckily our French Onion Cashew and Almond veggie dip is satisfying and packed with flavor without the palm oil. Wonder what else can you do with delectable concoction beyond just a dip? This is also fantastic used as a sauce on chicken or an easy way to add savoriness to roasted potatoes!

Spinach Artichoke Almond Cashew Dip Tub - gluten free veggie dipSpinach Artichoke

Everyone loves spinach and artichoke dip, it doesn’t matter who you are but typically this incredibly heavy dip is relegated to parties and potlucks. We knew if we could find a way to keep that rich texture and taste but make it full of wholesome ingredients that we could convince even the most hardcore health nuts into making this part of their regular snacking rotation, which we have! Of course, our healthy Spinach and Artichoke Cashew and Almond dip is a fantastic way of jazzing up a carrot stick but it also works amazing as a dairy-free sauce on pizza!


Chocolate Cashew & Almond Nut Dip - non dairy veggie dipChocolate

Who says dips have to be for just veggies? Fruit deserves some love too and there is no better way to amp up that fruitiness than with some rich chocolatey goodness to dip into. Our Chocolate Cashew and Almond dip is sweet but not too sweet so it lets the fruit flavors shine while making you feel like you’re having a super fancy dessert. Want to try something new? Try our chocolate spread on a plain or cinnamon raisin bagel for a super special treat! This dips’ best feature is that it’s a non dairy veggie dip (or fruit dip), so you can enjoy even if you’re dairy-free!

Many More Flavors of Our Healthy Vegetable Dip to Suit Every Fancy!

We’ve listed just a few of our favorite flavors (our favorite for today), but there are MANY more delicious dips to try. Want something spicy? Our Spicy Pepper Cashew and Almond dip is the flavor you’re craving (if you’re looking for something smokier, then give our Chipotle Cashew and Almond dip a try). Love the taste of red peppers? Our Roasted Red Pepper Cashew and Almond dip is roasted to perfection for a full flavor. All about garlic? Our Roasted Garlic Cashew and Almond dip is packed with garlicky flavors you’ll love! As you can see, no matter what kind of healthy veggie dip you are looking for, we have every kind of flavor you could ever want. And, each and every one of our flavors is gluten and dairy-free. You’ve found the gluten free veggie dip you’ve been looking for!

Now that you know that our healthy vegetable dip alternatives exist to make the world a better place, give them a try and check out our recipe section for more foodie inspiration as well as our Instagram where you could be featured!