Healthy Avocado Dip: Step Aside, Guac – There’s a New Dip in Town

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Healthy Avocado Dip: Step Aside, Guac!Avocado dip vegan ingredients

Avocados, the hippest fruit-that-many-mistake-as-a-vegetable around. Dominating the foodie world with everything from avocado toast to salads, social media feeds and the world, in general, have gone avocado crazy! And it’s no wonder why. With that cool, creamy texture, pretty green color, and impressive level of filling, heart-healthy fats, avocados may just be the perfect food. Well almost, if you don’t count the maybe 30-minute ripeness window that is. However, one issue that has plagued the meteoric rise of this worshiped fruit is just the lack of creativity in uses lately. Especially in the dip category! When we think of avocados and dip there is only one thing that comes to mind and that is guacamole. And while guac is fabulous on its own, sometimes you want to try something new, push the boundaries, and add some variety in your life.

Enter: A Healthy Avocado Dip with Loads of Flavor

happy AvocadoAt this point, you may be confused about how avocados could be any other type of dip, but we at Hope Foods saw the true potential in avocados to be more. We thought about how that smooth creaminess could be used in a dairy like application to make dips that not only felt rich and decadent but could do so while also being naturally vegan, gluten-free, and dairy-free. Then, while we were at it we thought about how we could make it even creamier and nutritionally packed by combining it with cashews and almonds. By then, we had gone full mad scientist but just to take it even further we thought, “What if we just went crazy and added herbs and spices to make the most healthy and delicious version of ranch that would ever exist?!” It was such a wild idea, some would think it was way too idealistic, but in the end, we did it! Like superheroes coming together to become a powerhouse, so too did our ingredients to become our unbelievable Avocado Ranch Cashew and Almond dip! When you try this new, healthy take on Ranch with its richness and zesty ranch flavor, the way you think of avocado dips will never be the same.

Take those summer dishes to the next level with vegan avocado dip!

Now that this new way of having avocados has been added to your culinary arsenal, it’s time to learn all the ways it can be used. Think it can only be a dip? Think again! Since summer is just rolling in, here are some ways to take those summertime favs and make them a billion times better!
Veggie Kabobs – The perfect way to load up on all the best summer veggies in the best way possible. Perfectly charred yet juicy on the inside, the use of our Avocado Ranch cashew and almond dip slathered all over will provide the perfect zesty seasoning to excite any palette. Serve it over a bed of brown rice or quinoa for a meal that’s as nutritionally packed as it is tasty.

Lettuce WrapsLettuce Wraps

Lettuce wraps are not only great for a crowd but they are one of the most fun and customizable dishes out there! Get some vegan ground crumbles or tofu and use our cool and creamy Avocado Ranch vegan dip as an epic base (here’s our recipe here!). Pair that with a whole smorgasbord of toppings to create a dish everyone will clamor to.

Avocado dip vegan - put on corn on the cobCorn on the Cob

Sure, butter on corn is always great, but lately, we have come to want more from our corn-on-the-cob experience. Bolder, more exciting flavors, and maybe just that little something to make corn go from a mere filler on the picnic table to a must-have on every plate. If this is a dilemma you have faced, then look no further than our flavor-packed Avocado Ranch cashew and almond vegan dip to make that corn the talk of the party!

Add flavor to potato saladPotato Salad

Potato salad is a summertime classic that is perfect for any picnic, potluck, or even just dinner on the patio. The only problem with it is that it is usually has a one-to-one ratio on potato and mayo which while delicious is also kind of one dimensional in flavor not to mention a fat and calorie bomb of epic proportions. To lighten up and liven up this starchy favorite, try adding in our luscious avocado ranch dip in place of or even used with mayo to make it more of the feel-good party favorite that everyone loves!

Avocado Dip: Vegan, Gluten-Free, and Utterly Delicious

These don’t even begin to show you all the gazillions of options for this wonder dip! For even more mouth-watering ideas, be sure to check out our recipes section or better yet concoct your own. Try this vegan avocado dip on pasta or tofu, maybe even burritos? The only limit is your imagination! But if you come up with something life-changing, make sure to tag us on Instagram and we may just give you a place of honor with a feature in our foodie community!