Plant-Based Hummus: Nourishing and Delicious

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Plant-Based Hummus: Nourishing and Delicious

Are you looking for plant-based hummus?

Hummus is made using chickpeas/garbanzo beans, tahini, olive oil, and some additional spices (lots of them, depending on some of our unique flavors), making it naturally plant-based.

If you are vegan or want to avoid animal products in hummus, be wary, however: some store-bought hummus brands contain hidden ingredients that include animal products. Additionally, many brands use inflammatory oils, while we use 100% extra virgin olive oil. As always, read ingredient labels to ensure you know exactly what’s in your hummus. Hope Hummus is naturally vegan, making it an excellent choice if you are on a plant-based diet.

What does Plant-Based Mean?

A closer look at what it means:

There is some debate about what a plant-based diet really means. Some definitions say that it “excludes all animal products,” while others say it does “not necessarily eliminate animal products, but focus[es] on eating mostly plants, such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and whole grains.”

Is Hummus Plant-Based?

Regardless of your dietary preferences and needs, reading ingredient labels and knowing what to look out for goes a long way. All our flavors of hummus are naturally vegan and therefore plant-based, but some brands have additives that may be troublesome if you are vegan. Here are some things to look for:


Some brands add dairy for flavor and texture (look for Parmesan cheese in some pesto flavors), which is fine for many, but not if you are vegan.


Sugar is sometimes added to various hummus brands. Cane sugar can be refined using a bone char filtration process, which may not align with some vegan preferences.

Natural Flavors:

Natural flavors may not be vegetarian or vegan-friendly, and are often in many foods. You should know this if you want truly vegan hummus.

Hope’s Plant-Based Hummus: Delicious and Good for You

If you’re looking for plant-based hummus, look no further than Hope Hummus. We are pioneers of flavor when it comes to hummus. Each and every one of our flavors have been thoughtfully prepared with your health, nourishment, and delight in mind. Whether you’re eating an exclusively plant-based diet, or you just enjoy a healthy hummus snack, we’ve got a flavor for you. Here’s a look at what makes our hummus special:

Organic farm sketch


We are certified organic. That means that every ingredient has been grown without toxic pesticides. We believe in making food that nourishes our bodies, and that health comes from the inside out. 

High-Quality Ingredients:

Not only are our ingredients organic, but they are also of the highest quality. Extra-virgin olive oil is like wine – higher quality results in a better flavor.

Picure of ingredients

Unique Flavors:

When we make hummus, we make it with a focus on flavor. Whether it’s the creaminess of the Black Garlic Hummus, or the tanginess of the Sea Salt and Olive Oil Hummus, you’ll taste just how much we love putting together each tub. Each of our flavors is carefully crafted for unique, excellent taste and texture.

Our plant-based hummus is packed with nutrition. Here’s a look at the nutrition you can find in 3.5-ounce serving: 

Is Hummus Plant-Based? Yes - and It’s Packed with Nutrition

Common Questions about Plant-Based Hummus

We get quite a few questions about our hummus, and how it works with a plant-based diet

Organic chickpeas

Can You Eat Chickpeas on a Plant-Based Diet?

Absolutely! Chickpeas are part of the plant family of legumes, Fabaceae, along with kidney beans, black beans, lima beans, and peanuts. It is a plant and is therefore perfect for enjoying on a plant-based diet. 

Is Store-Bought Hummus Plant-Based?

Hummus is naturally plant-based, making it ideal for a plant-based diet. However, if you don’t make your own, be sure to read the ingredients list. There are some store-bought hummus brands that add ingredients such as dairy, or other ingredients vegans may not want to eat.

Plant-Based Hummus from Hope Foods

Is Hummus Plant-Based?

Yes! Hummus is foundationally made from chickpeas (garbanzo beans), extra virgin olive oil, sea salt, and tahini (ground sesame paste). It’s a naturally vegan/plant-based dip, making it a great choice for every diet. 

Hope Foods: The Ultimate Plant-Based Hummus

Hope Foods was founded with the mission of creating wholesome, delicious, sustainably-sourced hummus that was packed with flavor. We have a wide variety of flavors and over 100 recipes that use our hummus and nut dips. We may be biased, but our lineup of hummus flavors is the best available: packed with flavor, nutrition, love, and a promise that you’re eating healthy, nourishing food! Pick up a tub of our many flavors of hummus in a store near you, or order online and have it shipped to your door. Yum!

Plant-based hummus with organic chickpeas