Eating Hummus Right: A Top 10 List of our Favorite Hummus Snacks

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The Top 10 Healthy Hummus Snacks

When our customers reach out to us, one of the most frequent questions we receive is, “Is hummus a healthy snack?”  In a food landscape dominated by unhealthy, high-calorie foods, many consumers are looking for easy, tasty and healthy options that promote health and general well-being.  This is why we love hummus – it is not only a healthy and delicious dip, but it also makes for a zesty replacement ingredient in many common foods!  So as you may have guessed, our answer to our customers is always “Yes!”

Is Hummus a Healthy Snack?

It is important to note that there are different degrees of healthy hummus.  The highest-quality brands, such as HOPE, use only extra virgin olive oil instead of plain olive oil or even vegetable oils.  Additionally, look for brands that minimize the use of unhealthy preservatives to maintain freshness.

You may not know how easy it is to make creative snacks with hummus, but since our inception we have been finding new and creative recipes that help in maintaining a healthier overall diet.  Not only are we always creating new hummus snacks in our creative kitchen, but we have received many delicious recipes from our amazing Instagram friends!

This list of hummus snacks is drawn mainly from both the RECIPE SECTION on our website, and from Instagram, where our followers and friends keep coming up with fresh takes on a traditional dip.  This list is not just about specific recipes, but also about creative ideas you will want to look into as well, so visit our HOPE WEBPAGE or check out our ACTIVITY on Instagram.



Veggie tray- is hummus a healthy snack?

1. Dipping with Fresh Veggies

What Top 10 list could be complete without mentioning the most common hummus snack?  Almost everyone knows how handy a bag of veggies with a tub of our favorite dip is… but with the rising popularity of charcuterie boards, why not spice things up a bit?  For a fresh take on a classic snack, try arranging some veggies LIKE THIS with a container of THAI CURRY flavor to add zest and panache!  Make a traditional snack into something beautiful for entertaining.

Tuna bowl


2. Mayonnaise Replacement on Sandwiches and Wraps

Tired of the same old mayo-mustard combo on your eats? Replace the mayo with hummus for a tastier and higher-protein snack!  Also, did you know that hummus can replace cream, butter, and sour cream in recipes as well?  Try a TUNA SALAD with hummus as a mayo replacement; soups, alfredo sauce, or mashed potatoes with hummus as a replacement for cream and butter; and in deviled eggs or egg salad for a tangy kick.


Pesto Pasta Bowl

3. Pesto

Do you love pesto, but wish it were a bit healthier? Try our Kale Pesto hummus as an ingredient in this CLASSIC PASTA SAUCE to cut calories without losing flavor.

Healthy snacks with hummus: Nutrition Bowl

4. Nutrition Bowls

One of our favorite healthy hummus snacks is the up-and-coming nutrition bowl. A new foodie favorite, these bowls contain veggies, grains, hummus, and even eggs or meat!  For a few inspiring ideas, check out these bowls by @thecuttingveg, @berryavolicious, and @bowlthoughts!

Pita Bread

5. Warm Pita

Another traditional humus dish, this combination never fails to please. If you want to change up the flavor, try stuffing the pita with vegetables such as red peppers, cucumbers, carrots, snap peas, or broccoli.

Savory Oats

6. Savory Oats

Another rising star in the health-food world, savory oats are a welcome change to sweet flavored oatmeal. Try a bowl of SPICY BLACK BEAN AND AVOCADO SAVORY OATS or SPICY VEGGIE SAVORY OATS and see if it isn’t a game changer!

Eggplant Snack

7. Dehydrated Sweet Potato or Eggplant Toast

Instead of using the same old bread, why not be daring and make toast out of dehydrated SWEET POTATO or EGGPLANT? Spread a layer on top for a novel and compelling hummus snack!

Sweet Snack

8. Chocolate Flavors as a Nutella Replacement

For a healthy hummus snack with loads more nutritional value than Nutella-based options, try our Dark Chocolate or Dark Chocolate Coconut flavors. Whether you use it for BAKING, or for SWEET BOWLS, or as a graham cracker dip, you will have a blast eating sweets you don’t have to feel guilty about later!

Lettuce Tacos

9. Sriracha Replacement

Our SRIRACHA flavor comes in handy as a spicy replacement for sriracha sauce in BLOODY MARYS, MAC & CHEESE and LETTUCE TACOS!

Guacamole alternative

10. Fun Addition to Traditional Guacamole

To spice up your guacamole and add valuable protein, try adding SPICY AVOCADO hummus to the mix!

As you can see, we never tire of discovering fun, new, and healthy snacks with hummus. These ideas are only a few of the endless possibilities, so if you want more, visit our HOPE RECIPES page or check out our HOPE INSTAGRAM.  And of course, if you have an amazing snack with hummus you want to share, we can’t wait to see it!