Palate-Friendly Platters: Choosing the Best Dip for Raw Vegetables

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Best Veggie DipThank you for your responses to our last blog post, about why hummus is the best veggie dip! Apparently we have many readers who love serving veggies with hummus (shocker!). But given that this is a subject worth delving into, and seeing your train of thought, we thought we’d follow up with a few ideas for your next raw veggie platter.

Given that hummus has so many varieties, and that there are so many raw food dips on the market, we have previously discussed the need to think about factors such as serving healthy foods, creating unique flavor combinations, and considering what type of event you are hosting or attending.

No matter whether you’re a host or guest, however, you’ll want people to like what you serve! We’ve all been at that party where Todd brought the carrot sticks and dip wound up bringing back a load of untouched veggies. You don’t want to be Todd.  So skip the mundane buttermilk ranch and sour cream dips, and head for the hummus aisle instead… there are some very healthy and amazing flavors waiting for you!

To help you choose the best dip for raw vegetables, we’ve looked at a few of the most popular veggies—and come up with some amazing pairings that will make sure you don’t have to drive home next to a sullen bowl of uneaten celery. So let’s get started, shall we?

Dip Pairing for a Raw Veggie Platter

  • Carrots – Carrot sticks and dip are a party staple. Carrots are also one of the few veggies with a sweeter taste, so a saltier-tasting dip makes for the perfect complement. Our best carrot dip ideas include: Original, Black Garlic, and Spicy Avocado hummus.
  • Celery – Given that they have a slightly bitter taste, it’s not always easy to find a well-rounded dip for celery sticks.  However, if you offset that bitterness with some spice, and even some citrus tartness, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Pair with Jalapeño Cilantro, Buffalo Bleu, Jalapeño Red, or Spicy Avocado.
  • Cauliflower – Dip for raw cauliflower should be more flavor-intense, since cauliflower doesn’t tend to have much flavor of its own. To get the most bang for your buck, try Buffalo Bleu (for a great hot wing style), Kale Pesto, or Thai Coconut Curry.
  • Bell Peppers – To find the best dip for raw bell peppers, it’s generally best to start by selecting the sweeter red, yellow, or orange pepper varieties. Given their unique flavor profile, peppers are pickier about what they pair with.  For best results, go with Thai Coconut Curry, Original, or Spicy Avocado.

We think you’ll love these ideas, and so will your friends. Best of all, we overlapped them so you don’t have to bring a different flavor for every veggie! So next time, don’t show up to the party with just any old dip for carrots and celery… opt for something extraordinary.

And when it comes to “extraordinary,” HOPE Hummus is the best choice.  Our hummus is the only hummus made with heart-healthy extra virgin olive oil, USDA Certified Organic ingredients, and preservative-free HPP Processing for an all-natural and uncooked result.  We don’t just care about flavor, we want our hummus to be totally guilt-free.

So bring some HOPE to your next party and watch your loved ones chow down!

As always, cheers and happy eating.