Highway Hummus! Tasty and Healthy Road Trip Snacks

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Tasty and Healthy Road Trip Snacks


Oh, the joys of the open road! Where are you heading to? Thankfully, after a couple months into the new semester, it’s finally time to blow off some steam. Good friends, a killer playlist, windows rolled down, healthy road trip snacks… no matter where you’re going, you’re gonna have a blast

We may not be the final authority on who you should hang out with, or what music you should listen to, but we definitely know a thing or two about snacks for traveling in the car.  If you’re looking for snacks that will keep the driver, DJ, navigator, and snack distributor happy, your snacks should meet the following criteria:

Spicy Green Chile Guacamole
  • Delicious, of course!
  • Filling—but not full of salty, sugary, greasy, empty calories.
  • Easy to eat, to prevent messes.
  • Healthy and full of nutrients.
  • Certified Organic and free of unhealthy preservatives and additives.

We hope you agree. Of course, you can always leave unprepared and depend on Slim Jims from the convenience store, but we’ve got something cheaper and tastier in mind: homemade road trip snacks with hummus! With an amazing selection of hummus flavors available, you can not only get the filling, easy, and healthy road trip snacks you’re hoping for—and we’re here to tell you about some particularly delicious ones!

Winning Recipes for Your New Favorite Road Trip Snacks

When you’re prepping for a long trip, you’ve got enough on your mind without having to prep a ton of complex foods. Here are some of our favorite road trip snacks, taken from our huge selection of ideas at the HOPE Kitchen and Instagram page, to keep you going between the inevitable rest stops

Baked Root Veggie Chips Recipe

Baked Root Veggie Chips

Chips and dip are one of the classic snacks for traveling in the car—but what if you give ‘em a new twist?? These chips are both tasty and healthy, made from colorful root slices like carrot, sweet potato, rutabaga, parsnip, and beet. Bake them up ahead of time, and when you’re ready to munch, break open some Buffalo Bleu hummus for a crunchy and zesty snack.

Black Garlic Breakfast Sandwich

Black Garlic Breakfast Sandwich

To start off an early morning, nothing beats a bagel sandwich. In only 15 minutes, you can craft these homemade road trip snacks that will have your guys or gals drooling: fried eggs, heirloom tomato slices, pea shoots, red onion, and Black Garlic hummus make for an early feast to go with that cup o’ joe.

Spicy Tuna Avocado Sandwich

Spicy Avocado Tuna Salad

Protein is important for staying full and feeling satisfied, and tuna salad is chock full of it. But for the best healthy road trip snacks, try swapping out the mayo for Spicy Avocado hummus, and mix in some red onion and diced celery. Then pack up to dip crackers or make sandwiches with, and you’re good to go.  

Green Goddess Wrap

Green Goddess Wrap

Your cars may run on gas or electric power, but the best fuel for you is veggie power!  These uber-healthy wraps are about as simple and delicious as road trip food gets. Fill collard green shells with fresh veggies like mushroom, red onion, sprouts, carrots, cucumber and cabbage, and throw in some Thai Coconut Curry hummus to tie it all together.

Roasted Beet and Squash Sandwich

When you’re tired of plain old turkey or roast beef, try this fresh-tasting veggie sammie. This easy-to-eat road trip snack combines whole grain bread, sautéed butternut squash, sliced roasted beets, almond milk ricotta cheese, and Spicy Avocado hummus. And the best part? You can prep it in only 15 minutes!

Thankfully, these snacks are only the beginning. As we said before, if you need more ideas, you can visit our HOPE Kitchen and Instagram community for even more yummy snacks made from USDA Certified Organic, additive-free HOPE Hummus.

Cheers and happy travels!