Gonzo for Green Eating! Benefits of Eating Green

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Benefits of Eating Green

When you walk into any “convenience” store, what do you see? A wide array of foods, for sure—but not just any foods! Nearly every snack on the shelves is laden with sodium, saturated fat, high fructose corn syrup, unhealthy additives, and synthetic preservatives. YUM. And if you want a healthy drink, you have more problems still. A single 12-ounce soda or sugary drink can easily contain your entire recommended daily allowance of sugar!

If you ask us, this isn’t convenient at all. Not for you, anyway. But it’s very convenient for food manufacturers, who have figured out that these unhealthy foods are both addictive and super cheap to make. Thankfully though, this glut of non-nutritious foodstuffs has helped to emphasize the benefits of eating green, as many people have realized the amazing health benefits of diets full of veggies and whole foods—a.k.a. green eating.

Green Foods for Health Benefits

Just what are the benefits of eating more greens in your diet? If you’re a little hazy on the subject, here are a few green foods health benefits:

  • Reduced risk of high blood pressure, kidney stones, osteoporosis, and stroke
  • Improved resistance to inflammation, oxidation, and bone deterioration
  • Excellent for weight loss, energy levels, and balancing cholesterol levels
  • Proven to boost mood and reduce depressive symptoms
Olive Oil and Sea Salt Hummus from Hope Hummus

The “skinny” of it is, green eating diets fill you up with vitamins, minerals, fiber, complex carbs, and healthy Omega-3 fats. But best of all, they don’t fill you up with tons of empty calories!

Some of our favorite eating green recipes include hummus. This may come as no surprise, considering how hummus is widely considered a nutrient-dense superfood—and with a delicious array of creative flavors to choose from, you don’t have to settle for veggie dishes that all taste the same. But make sure your hummus is “clean”—USDA Certified Organic, using only extra virgin olive oil, and containing no harmful synthetic additives or preservatives.

Now you know about the benefits of eating green… let’s get to prepping!

Easy and Tasty Eating Green Recipes    

Now that you know how green eating can benefit you, it’s time to check out some tasty treats you can make for meals and snacks. And if you want more than you see here, check out our HOPE Kitchen and Instagram foodie community for more yummy ideas!

A delectable Spring Macro Bowl that will get you eating green.
Image by @flora_and_vino

Spring Macro Bowl by @flora_and_vino

What better way to celebrate the changing seasons than this delicious veggie bowl? Asparagus, chickpeas, artichoke hearts, mint, lemon, radish, quinoa, peas taste perfect when you top them off with smooth Kale Pesto hummus.

Delicious Avocado Toast by @foodyfirst
Image by @foodyfirst

Avocado Toast by @foodyfirst

There’s a reason millenials love avocado toast: because it’s delicious! This toast recipe also allows you to reap the benefits of eating green, with avocado, radish, soybeans, mint, and cucumber on a layer of Original Recipe hummus. Or try some roasted Black Garlic hummus if you’re feeling culinary!

Mango Shrimp Curry Stuffed Avocados with our Organic Curry Hummus

Mango Shrimp Curry Stuffed Avocados

Okay, YUM. This could serve as an appetizer, but we will probably just eat the whole thing as a meal. Use Thai Coconut Curry hummus as the perfect flavor pairing with cooked shrimp, jalapeño, mango, red onion, cherry tomato, and lime juice—all stuffed into a ripe avocado half. Then drool and eat.

This isn’t even scratching the surface of the recipes available on our Youtube channel and Insta community. Check them out for more great eating green recipes! And every recipe is made with HOPE Hummus—certified organic, full of extra virgin olive oil, and free of unhealthy additives or preservatives. If you’re gonna try green eating, go about it the best way possible.

Cheers and happy green eating!