Don’t Chicken Out! Fun Recipes with Hummus and Chicken

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Don't Chicken Out! Fun Recipes with Hummus and Chicken

Remember the last time you had a snack that didn’t satisfy? Or when you wanted a bit more oomph out of that meal? Given the busy pace of life in today’s world, it’s no surprise that we often find ourselves skimping on meals, or skipping them altogether. Either that, or we reach out and grab whatever food is nearest.  (And whoever brought in the office chocolate and cookies arrays this holiday season, we both love you and hate you.)

Eating healthy is important.  Along with air, water, and sunlight, it is a primary means of nourishment and regeneration within the body.  When we don’t provide good fuel for the body, we suffer a range of short-term and long-term effects.  Chances are, you’re familiar with the symptoms of weight gain, poor sleep, exhaustion, and reduced brain function that you feel when eating an unhealthy diet—and over time, these compounded effects can lead to health issues such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and chronic high blood pressure.

What’s So Special About a Hummus Chicken Combo?

No one is surprised to hear that hummus is a healthy and delicious dip that pairs well with vegetables and pita. However, it’s also becoming more well-known as a nutrient-dense recipe ingredient in prepared meals, dressings, and sandwiches too.

You may already be using hummus as a good source of protein and heart-healthy fats, but combining chicken and hummus boosts the protein in your meal.  Especially if you are active or athletic, increased protein intake results in better muscle and bone health, higher metabolism, appetite regulation, and even weight loss.

Sounds good, right?? We certainly think so!  That’s why we’ve prepared a healthy and yummy hummus chicken recipe that will give you the protein power you need to stay strong and satisfied throughout the day!

Easy 4-Ingredient Hummus Baked Chicken

If you have some time to prepare your dinner, or you want a nice party dish, hummus coated chicken is a delicious and nutritious crowd pleaser. We’ve all thrown chicken in a baking pan and dusted it with spices before baking it, but this simple baked hummus crusted chicken recipe adds so much flavor. And as an added plus, it is both innovative and super simple!

Our 4-Ingredient Hummus Crusted Chicken Recipe combines organic chicken breasts with HOPE Black Garlic hummus, smoked paprika, and pepper.  That’s it! Sounds too easy, but you’ll be surprised how tasty it is—and how hard it will be to protect from nosy guests!

Find the full recipe and prep instructions for our hummus crusted chicken HERE.

And if you want more amazing hummus recipes, be sure to visit our Instagram page for tons of new ideas.  As always, cheers and happy eating!