Children’s Nutrition 101 Healthy Food for Kids

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Hummus Healthy Food For KidsIf you have ever tried to promote healthy eating for kids, you most definitely know what an impossible task that can be. No matter what you want them to eat, they they develop the instinctive sense that “healthy” food is the opposite of “yummy” food… and you have to put them in Time Out every night until they finish their peas.

You’re not alone, obviously.  This is evidenced by the copious amounts of internet articles out there, featuring nutritious food for toddlers and vegetable dishes kids love.  There’s a lot of good advice out there. But as you may have noticed, there’s plenty of less-helpful advice also. Of course it’s easy to get your children to eat “nutritious” foods—if you don’t mind a few unnatural preservatives, or filler carbs, or saturated fats, or high fructose syrups to enhance the flavor!

Sadly, the idea of creating truly healthy food for children has deteriorated as food manufacturing companies have bombarded the market, and the public awareness, with products and messages that don’t actually support healthy eating for children. This can be very deceiving.  Most parents likely have the phrase “part of a complete breakfast” burnt into their brain… and it’s always said about the sugariest, least nutritious breakfast foods on the market. Thanks, Tony the Tiger.

How Do I Make Healthy Food for My Toddler?

Many parents are fed up with marketing hype, and they dig deeper.  There are many ways to create healthy toddler meals, but they all have a few things in common.  It is good to understand the basics that kids’ bodies need in order to avoid serving up unhealthy treats:

  • Serve Nutrient Dense Meals — With childhood obesity on the rise, you don’t want your kids eating a bunch of “filler calories.” Get rid of foods that contain extra carbs, fats and sugar, and replace them with foods that are full of vitamins and minerals that come from natural ingredients.
  • Look  for USDA Certified Organic Foods — Any product certified organic by the USDA is guaranteed free of harmful additives and pesticides. Insisting on organic foods is a must for protecting your child from chemicals they were never meant to eat.
  • Avoid High-Sugar Foods — We all know that any child, left to their own devices, will eat more sugar than is good for them.  And in today’s world, there are plenty of options to satisfy that craving. When making healthy lunches for kids, don’t allow added sugar to corrupt the “healthy” options at your disposal!

With these guidelines in place, you are more prepared than most parents to come up with healthy lunch ideas for kids—or any other healthy meal options, for that matter! Of course, we have a suggestion for how to get your midgets munching…

Hummus is Healthy Food for Children!

Although it may seem like common knowledge that hummus is a healthy food for kids, the fact is that you have to be careful about the hummus you choose.  Of course you want a brand that satisfies the above guidelines, but when looking at hummus specifically, you also want one that uses only extra virgin olive oil, does not contain synthetic additives, and that doesn’t cook out the flavor through pasteurization.

That’s why we make HOPE Hummus. USDA Certified Organic, High Pressure Processed for fresh flavor without harmful preservatives, and containing the highest quality ingredients like extra virgin olive oil for your health, HOPE Hummus is crafted to be a healthy and delicious meal for both you and your children.

That said, based on our customer feedback, we have identified some of our flavors that are very popular with parents.  Try these options out, and you won’t have to resort to hiding veggies in food for toddlers… you’ll have them looking forward to their healthy treats!

  • Original Recipe — This perennial favorite is a smash hit with kids.  Smooth yet tangy, it pairs well with any veggie you dip in it.  Parents have sent us more favorable feedback about our Original Recipe hummus than any other.
  • Buffalo Bleu —  Another classic flavor, this one is new to the hummus world.  And kids love it. Pairs very well with cauliflower, carrots, celery, and broccoli.
  • Thai Coconut Curry — This flavor, with its sweet and zesty curry flavor, has received a great reception from kids and adults alike. If you’re looking for a snack you can eat together, try this with snap peas, bell pepper, jicama, or celery.

It’s not hard to find the healthy foods you’re looking for, if you know the guidelines. We pride ourselves on making food fit for sumptuous dinner parties, healthy toddler meals, gametime snacks, and every other use under the sun.  Try a tub of nutritious, delicious HOPE Hummus today… and let us know what your kiddos think!

As always, cheers and happy eating.