Our Hope Fresh



Hope is a powerful feeling—it’s energizing, optimistic, and it exudes positive potential. It’s glass-half-full. It’s the light at the end of a tunnel.  And when we’re under pressure, hope inspires perseverance and evolution.

We want to be a beacon of Hope for you – by creating products and communication that nourishes the body, mind, and soul. We’re grateful for you and care deeply about your well-being. 



We’re passionate about making fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds craveable. Plants give you the nutrition and fuel your body needs to perform optimally – from your head to your toes and every organ in between. When you eat a diet rich in plants, you bolster your gut health, immunity, and mental health. So dig in.

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We use fresh, organic and/or non-GMO ingredients in all our plant-based dips and spreads. It’s a difference you will taste. Our ingredients are grown and harvested by partners that care about sustainability, the wellbeing of their employees, and the communities in which they reside.



We use cold, high pressure to retain fresh flavors, capture our unique made-at-home texture, and provide optimal nutrition and safety without the use of artificial preservatives. This technique is one of the ways our hummus, guacamole, and cashew and almond dips differ from many other dips in the market. 


We think of flavor a bit like we do life. Sometimes we like to spice things up and sometimes we’re looking for something familiar and comforting. With Hope, you can choose savory, spicy, and sweet ways to snack more healthfully and flavorfully. We use extra virgin olive oil, avocado, green chile, curry, roasted garlic, fresh lime, or even a hint of rosemary to give our dips and spreads a unique twist.



While we strive to provide you with lots of reasons to be happy, it’s okay to not be okay all the time. We can’t always make lemonade from lemons. If your diet, exercise, network, and other self-care practices aren’t raising you up, know that help is a call, text, or email away.  1 in 5 Americans experiences mental health challenges and most recover with the right support! Please see our “Spread Hope” page for a confidential mental health assessment and links to supportive resources. 


Our Story

Hope is a beautiful thing.

We’re not talking about our hummus, although we think pretty highly of that as well. We’re talking about the powerful concept of hope—that optimistic sense of expectation and heartfelt desire.

We named our company Hope Foods because of our belief in the power of better food, and the hope our customers have for products they can trust, from a company they can believe in.

The seeds of our company were sown over weekend get-togethers with friends where things always seemed to revolve around food—trying new restaurants, cooking together, or just kicking back on someone’s patio over an amazing meal.

Along the way, HOPE’s Spicy Avocado Hummus was crafted after countless recipe tweaks, taste tests with friends, and a heck of a lot of great times over great food.

Finally, with the first carefully made batches in hand, we set out for the Boulder County Farmers’ Market. It was a huge hit. After each market we would head off, exhausted but full of that wonderful thing called hope, to make up another batch for our next farmer’s market. HOPE’s Original Recipe soon followed. And soon thereafter, our first foray into specialty grocery stores.

Today, we’re found across the country, in grocery and specialty stores of all shapes and sizes, with a wide selection of hummus, spreads and guacamole that feature fresh ingredients, bold flavors and the same level of passion we’ve been pouring into our products since day one. And we have a tremendous following of loyal fans to whom we will be forever grateful.

We still make our products in small batches in the heart of Colorado a few miles from that original farmer’s market. Our hope today? That you’ll find some near you, get together with a few friends and spread good things.