5 Easy and Tasty Father’s Day Recipes

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5 Easy and Tasty Father's Day Recipes

When it’s time to hold a celebration for dad, many of us fall for the common trope that all he wants is cold beer, BBQ, and some peace and quiet. The fact is, it IS probably true… but that’s no reason not to spice it up a little bit! A few simple Father’s Day menu ideas can add just the right amount of creativity without requiring a ton of prep time or unnecessary fanfare. Here are 5 Father’s Day recipes that are easy to make, and delicious to eat.

Some celebrations are full of roasted meat, and others are on the healthier side, but in either case you want to whip up some recipes that are healthy and tasty (click here to learn about hummus nutrition). To accomplish this, we have a suggestion: use hummus and guacamole! Packed with beneficial macronutrients and vitamins, both guac and hummus are available in a wide range of delectable flavors that will make your Father’s Day appetizers pop!

Father’s Day Menu Ideas

Thankfully, the best Father’s Day recipes are some of the easiest to make. And just because you’re getting creative doesn’t mean you have to get strange! We’ve compiled this list of classic Father’s Day appetizers and other dishes from the hundreds available at our Instagram foodie community, HOPE Kitchen, and YouTube channel—so if you’re looking for an idea you don’t see here, there are plenty more to check out with the click of a button.

Buffalo Bleu Cauliflower Wings

Buffalo Bleu Cauliflower Wings

Is there anyone who doesn’t like wings? We don’t think so! But before you haul out the deep fryer to prep this Father’s Day appetizer, try an easier and lighter version! Simply cut up cauliflower chunks, dip ‘em in a simple batter made from Buffalo Bleu hummus and simple spices, and throw ‘em in the oven. These are mouthwatering, and very healthy (to help off-set the Father’s Day dessert recipes you’re planning to serve). Serve with plenty of celery and bleu cheese or ranch dressing, because they won’t last long!

Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

Baked potatoes are a standby at BBQs, but we all know they’re full of empty calories and simple carbs. A more creative take on this recipe would be to scoop the centers out of baked sweet potato halves, then stuff them with Green Chile guacamole or Spicy Avocado hummus, then top with pickled onions, jalapeños, and black beans. Then enjoy.

Epic Guac Bar
Image by @kskennedy

Tomato Crostini by @kskennedy

For a classier Father’s Day appetizer that’s still simple to make, try crostini! Toasted baguette slices can serve as a base for just about anything, but we love Kale Pesto or Black Garlic hummus topped with cherry tomatoes, parsley, feta, and a drizzle of olive oil. Serve with a shaker of sea salt and a pepper grinder and you’re good to go.      

Epic Guac Bar

Epic Guac Bar

For this year’s Father’s Day appetizers, don’t settle for plain chips and salsa… throw together a guacamole bar! You can include as many ingredients as you like, but we love tortilla chips, mexican cheese, pickled onion, lime, corn, black beans, jalapeños, sour cream, and cilantro. And don’t forget the guac—try setting out a tasty trio of Green Chile, Spicy Green Chile, and Spicy Mango!

With all these, you can try out some Father’s Day dessert recipes and other Father’s Day menu ideas. Your dad may not need much, but he’ll appreciate the extra thought and creativity. And while you’re at it, make sure your hummus is the best. We recommend USDA Certified Organic HOPE Hummus, free of synthetic additives and preservatives, and made with 100% extra virgin olive oil.

For the best dad, make the best food. Cheers and happy eating!    

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