Wrap Artists: You Can’t Beat These Next Level Hummus Wraps

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Hummus Wrap Recipe

After last week’s sandwich blog, we received enough wonderful feedback that we thought we’d keep the roll going! Luckily our talented flavor creators have turned their attention to another food item, to highlight the versatility you can enjoy from different hummus wrap recipes.


Search for the Best Hummus Wrap Recipe

Wraps have been a lunch and snack-time staple for quite some time.  A myriad of recipes can be found for this quick mealtime treat. However, when we sifted through the recipes on the web, we found ourselves confronted with many of the same uninspired recipes, full of unhealthy dressings and ingredients—and healthy options often took longer than we wanted to prepare! So with that in mind, we thought we’d create some delicious, quick, healthy, and unique hummus wrap ideas to boost your kitchen craftiness. Because, who doesn’t want to mix up their lunch and dinner? There are so many delicious and healthy ingredients that can be used, it’s helpful to get out of a rut and come up with some new flavors to delight the taste buds.

Veggie Hummus Wrap Quote


Wraps with Hummus: Why They’re a Great Choice

The chicken and hummus wrap, and veggie roll ups with hummus have become a popular sandwich alternative, largely due to their portability and quick preparation time. In just minutes, you can throw together a wide range of ingredients and fold them all up in a tortilla or veggie leaf. And, this can be a great alternative if you are gluten intolerant, as you don’t need bread to  enjoy all the tasting fillings. The inclusion of humus as a condiment boosts both protein for prime muscle fuel, and heart-healthy fats for long-lasting meal satisfaction and a host of health benefits as well.  These health benefits, as well to the wide range of flavors available, have made it a welcome challenger to the old buttermilk dressing and mustard stand-bys. Adding in some spice and unique flavor will brighten up your lunch and give you the much-needed protein boost that gets you through that afternoon lull.


Hummus Veggie Wrap, Hummus Chicken Wrap, and Avocado Hummus Wrap: The Options are Endless

When you’re wondering what to put in your favorite wraps with hummus, don’t forget about the wrapper itself.  We have seen plenty of pita wraps, since our favorite dip hails from Arabic and Mediterranean tradition; but if you look at HOPE’s flavor catalogue, you can tell we are all for fresh new ideas! Try using flavored tortillas instead of their boring old corn or wheat cousins, to add another dimension to the flavor.  Or, if you want to keep things light on carbs, try a veggie hummus wrap using collard green, cabbage, or lettuce shells.


A Few of Our Favorite Hummus Vegetable Wrap (and Chicken) Ideas

Ready for some gourmet goodies?  Try these ideas at home, or use them as foundations for your own culinary creativity!

Turkey or Chicken Hummus Wrap


Spicy Turkey Tortilla Wrap

If you want to add some extra protein to your hummus avocado wrap, throw in some lemon thyme roasted turkey breast or chicken for a chicken hummus wrap!  Combined with avocado, tomatoes, cucumber, and spinach, this meal packs some heat with our Sriracha flavor .  Roll it all in a brown rice tortilla, and you have a gluten-free meal in only 10 minutes!

Veggie Wrap with Hummus


Vegan Falafel Wrap

This delicious hummus veggie wrap starts with the traditional falafel pairing, but branches out from there. This version of a Spicy Avocado flavor roll up features corn, tomatoes, red onion, spinach, and peas, all cozied up in a spinach tortilla. 20 minutes’ prep gets you a tasty and healthy treat.

Hummus Wrap Vegan Recipe


Collard Power Wrap

Perhaps you’re a die-hard fan of veggie roll ups with hummus… or perhaps you just want a creative way to eat your salad. Either way, this 15-minute meal has you covered.  Take some collard green leaves, spread on some Original Recipe humus, layer it with organic turkey slices, and top them with your favorite vegetables—we used bell pepper, sprouts, carrot, cucumber, and cabbage.  Easy and filling!

Hummus Avocado Wrap


Green Goddess Wrap

Need a hummus wrap vegan foodies can enjoy?  Or maybe looking for a creative salad prep for the kids?  This combination of mushroom, red onion, sprouts, carrot, cucumber, and cabbage fits nicely in a collard green leaf, and it’s all finished off with a tangy sweet touch of Thai Coconut Curry flavor.  This vegetable hummus wrap is sure to please anyone, including those with gluten or vegan restrictions.


What’s in Your Roll Up? Let Us Know!

­­­As you can see, we really love finding unique and delicious ways to brighten up our lunch and dinner. Now that you’ve seen some of our favorite ways to wrap hummus with various fillings, let us know what you think.  And if you have a great idea of your own, share it and we will try it ourselves! As always, cheers and good eating!