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We are so grateful for our amazing Instagram community and can’t believe we just hit 30k followers! We want to celebrate by spreading good things, so we’re hosting a GIVEAWAY!

Enter to win a Yellow Kitchenaid Mini Stand Mixer AND a 3-months supply of Hope Hummus from us!

TO ENTER: Click below to fill out the form, and follow us on Instagram: @hopefoods.

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Renee Boone | 2 months ago
Im looking for your kale pesto hummus
Nick L | 3 months ago
So sad...hummus is not supposed to be eaten cold! Mass production and silly american standards have ruined the worlds greatest food group (yes, hummus should be a food group). Have authentic hummus sometime, the difference is out of this world. You'll never look back, I promise.
Claudia Mariscal | 3 months ago
I couldn’t find store bought hummus free of vinegars and guar guam until I found you. Real hummus, simple healthy ingredients. I no longer have to make it myself at home.
Ashley - @ashleygotschallnutrition | 3 months ago
Thank you for using a good oil option! Hard to find in most store-bought hummus! Currently doing an IG story on the differences and yours is my recommendation!
Inos Perry | 4 months ago
Just tried Hope Original Hummus. Sooooo Good! Bought it in our local Walmart. Brent, Al. 35034. Never saw it there before. Now not there any more. So disappointed
Clair Myrick | 5 months ago
I happened upon a price reduced tub of your Original Recipe hummus. Best ever! We usually buy Sabra or a store brand. Even though the price is a little bit high it's worth it. Thanks for a delicious food.
Allie Namath | 4 months ago
Good morning Clair, Thank you so much for reaching out and sharing these kind words with us. We are so happy to have you on board HOPE!
Cheryl White | 5 months ago
Thank you, for your vast amount of information, as I begin my journey of healthy living as a vegan! Glad you are available to those of us, whose lives are hectic and unhealthy! 😱
Allie Namath | 4 months ago
Good morning Cheryl, thank you so much for reaching out and sharing this with us! We wish you all the best as you start your journey and congratulate you on taking this step.
lorraine main | 6 months ago
i do not know if shaws in ipswich carries your product. i entered your contest as i wanted to win hummus from you. however, i know it needs refrigeration so i wondered how i would get this refrigerated? would it be mailed or a coupon sent? i would not be able to use the coupons if shaws did not carry your hummus thank you lorraine
Allie Namath | 5 months ago
Hello Lorraine! The winner will receive vouchers for free product, allowing you to pick up your favorite flavors when convenient for you.
Vanessa | 7 months ago
Love the black garlic hummus!!! I eat it daily and could not imagine eating my sandwich and wheat thins without it. You guys rock!
Allie Namath | 7 months ago
We are so happy to hear that, Vanessa! Not only is it delicious on sandwiches and Wheat Thins, it is also great in recipes. Be sure to check out our Recipe page for creative ways to incorporate Black Garlic hummus into your next meal!