Healthy Halloween Food: Plan a Spooky Party!

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Healthy Halloween Food: Plan a Spooky Party!

Halloween is just around the corner: Time to bust out the costumes, spooky decor, and yummy fall recipes. With so many yummy candy treats to be enjoyed on Halloween night, coming up with less sugary Halloween snacks helps keep the night a bit healthier for your superheroes, ghosts, witches, zombies, ballerinas, cheerleaders, vampires, robots (and whatever else their imagination can dream up) is important.

Our cashew and almond dips are full of flavor and nutrition you and your kids will love.

They’re a great choice to snack on before you head out into the neighborhood! Let’s look at our savory nut dips and all the ways you can enjoy them, as well as some fun and spooky ideas for other healthy snacks.  

Easy and Healthy Halloween Food

Spinach Artichoke Cashew & Almond Dip

You would swear our Spinach Cashew and Almond Dip has cheese in it, it’s so creamy. Our re-invention of one of the world’s most popular dips is a crowd-pleaser for adults and kids alike. This dip is amazing when you dip crackers, bread, or veggies into it. Or, you can use it as a base for pizza, mac ‘n cheese, dolloped onto baked potatoes or stuffed into pasta shells (delicious, right?).

French Onion Cashew and Almond Dip

French Onion dip is a classic flavor – but it’s also notoriously unhealthy. We reimagined it as a cashew and almond dip so it’s healthy, without skimping on flavor. This dip is good with all the usual dippables – bread, chips, veggies, etc. Branch out a bit and use it as a base for pizza or add it to soup for a deep, rich, tangy flavor your whole family will love. 

French Onion Cashew & Almond Dip
Spicy Pepper Cashew Almond Dip Tub

Spicy Pepper Cashew and Almond Dip

Our Spicy Pepper dip is truly unique: The creaminess of the cashews and almonds pairs perfectly with the five different types of roasted peppers: poblano, red bell, green and red jalapeños, and a touch of habanero. Our favorite way to eat this dip? Toss grilled veggies and chickpea pasta with a dollop of this dip for a spicy and yummy pasta meal. 

Roasted Garlic Cashew and Almond Dip

Is there a better flavor than roasted garlic? We argue there is not (unless you count our other hummus and nut dip flavors, of course). This dip is great on its own (you can dip pretty much anything savory and it will be delicious), but it also makes a great base for pasta sauces or pizzas as well (hello creamy, tangy flavor!).

French Onion Cashew & Almond Dip
Halloween Dip - Day of the Dead
More Spooky and Healthy Halloween Snacks

Our savory cashew and almond dips are excellent healthy Halloween snacks to enjoy before heading out to harvest candy. Are you throwing a party? Browse our recipes featuring our cashew and almond dips for tasty, creative, and healthy food. If you want to throw a spooky party with Halloween-themed food, check out these fun ideas. You’ll find Spooky Spider Deviled Eggs (you could add in one of our cashew and almond dips for a kick of flavor), Mummy Pumpkin Bars, Eyeball Pasta, Halloween Roasted Vegetables (with our nut dips for sauce), and more. Use our Original Hummus as a base for our Day of the Dead/ Dia De Los Muertos Halloween Dip as the centerpiece for your table! 

Fun Halloween Games

We’re all about getting together and celebrating: It means food, games, and spending time with friends and family. We’ve got the food covered above, now it’s time for some games. There are so many fun Halloween games your whole family will love: Here are a few we thought looked particularly fun!

Pumpkin Halloween Game

Blow up orange and black balloons and fill them with prizes (candy, money, small toys, etc.) and scatter them around. Make a competition to see who can pop them the fastest or simply enjoy stomping around the yard. 

This Halloween spin on the classic truth or dare game is full of spooky fun! These 100 questions (like “What’s your favorite part of Halloween?,” or “Would you rather turn into a bat to fly or fly on a broom?”) are fun for the entire family and will get everyone asking questions and swapping stories.

Truth or Scare Game
Chocolate Jenga

Who doesn’t like Jenga? This version uses flat candy (like Kit-Kats) instead of wooden blocks. The best part? You can eat them (or hand them out to trick or treaters) when you’re all done playing! 

If it’s freezing outside (here in Colorado it’s always freezing on Halloween night), planning some indoor games is a good idea. This game is super fun: simply blow up orange balloons, draw a face on them, then give participants funnels and see who can catch their balloon the most. 

Jack 'O Lantern
Halloween Charades

This is another good game for if it’s cold outside. Come up with Halloween-themed charade topics, and plan for a night of fun movie references and spooky phrases. 

Have a Fun, Spooky, and Healthy Night

What are some of your fun Halloween party traditions? Do you spend time with your family, or head out into the neighborhood for old-fashioned trick or treating? Let us know what you think of our spooky menu and fun Halloween games by visiting our Instagram. And, now you can shop for our delicious hummus and creamy cashew and almond dip online: visit this link to shop! We’d love to see pictures of your healthy Halloween food and spooky games!