Behind the Beans: 3 Secrets to Make Hummus Like A Pro!

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Behind the Beans: 3 Secrets to Make Hummus Like A Pro!

No one in America would be shocked to learn that in the last decade, hummus has become a staple health food in the United States. Once considered a quaint cultural delicacy, hummus has gained a strong following for both its health benefits and signature delicious flavor. Its explosive growth in the U.S. market—from $500 million in total U.S. retail sales in 2012, to over $1 billion in 2017—illustrates just how much people love our favorite dip!

As far as we’re concerned, who could not love it? There’s nothing better than a tasty, healthy, and easy dip that pairs with just about anything! And we’re not alone, obviously, since the retail sales of hummus have coincided with the ever-growing presence of hummus online, whether it be on health websites, top-10 lists, recipe blogs and articles, or party and entertaining how-tos.

This is good news for anyone interested in creative ways to make hummus. No matter what flavors you’re looking for, chances are you can already find a taste-tested recipe to suit your craving. But as you’re figuring out how to make hummus for yourself, there are a few tips that you need to know—and that’s where we come in. After all, we’re not here to reinvent the wheel… we just build the best car.

The Basics: How is Hummus Made?

Your standard Mediterranean-style hummus is a relatively simple dish, when it comes to ingredients. Any hummus worth its sea salt should include these ingredients:

· Garbanzo beans (AKA Chickpeas)
· Olive Oil
· Tahini
· Lemon
· Garlic
· Spices, such as cumin, salt, and pepper

If you’ve ever prepared hummus, or even just prepared a recipe, this should all look pretty familiar. If not, then right there you have a good start!

However, anyone who knows HOPE Hummus knows that we love to get beyond the basics, and into some inventive and creative flavors! HOPE was not only the first company to pioneer the addition of avocado to the retail hummus market, with our perennial-favorite Spicy Hummus flavor, but we have also pushed boundaries with our Thai Coconut Curry, Kale Pesto, Black Garlic, and Sriracha flavors. So we definitely understand if you’re looking for something out of the ordinary.

Trade Secrets: How to Make Hummus Like a Pro

When you want your savory snacktime dip to stand out from the rest, here are a few crucial steps that will ensure your hummus is the tastiest and healthiest it can be.

1. Use Only USDA Organic Ingredients

These days, it is a growing challenge to make sure your ingredients have not been genetically modified or coated with cancer-causing pesticides. USDA Certified Organic ingredients are guaranteed free of any unhealthy additives, harmful pesticides, and genetic modification—so you, your family, and your friends can eat guilt-free!

2. Always Choose Extra Virgin Olive Oil

It’s a well-known fact that olive oil benefits your health with heart-healthy fats, but many people don’t know that Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) is where the true benefits are found. EVOO not only tastes better than its more highly-processed cousin, but it also retains more of the beneficial natural compounds and characteristics that have earned olive oil its good reputation.

3. Use Sea Salt, not Table Salt

“What’s the difference?” you may ask. Well, turns out there’s quite a difference. While table salt is a manufactured as a simple combination of sodium and chlorine, sea salt is a naturally-occurring compound that contains a variety of trace minerals essential to healthy body function, including calcium, magnesium, sulfur, zinc, iron, and manganese. Hummus is considered a nutrient-dense food partially because of the minerals added by sea salt.

By following these three easy steps on how to make hummus, your dip can stand apart from the rest. Regardless what ingredients you use, or your specific steps on how hummus is made, the quality of your base ingredients will often have a greater impact on the final product.

Need Premium Quality Hummus Now?? Try Hope!

What if you don’t have the time to make hummus at home? We’ve got you covered. HOPE Hummus not only creates innovative and fun flavors, but it also meets all the criteria for quality ingredients. We use only USDA Certified Organic ingredients, extra virgin olive oil, and sea salt in all of our flavors.

And the best part? We are free of any unnatural additives or preservatives, thanks to our use of Cold Pressure Processing—which eliminates bacteria without having to heat-treat our product. This means our hummus is as close to homemade as you can get.
Whether you want to make hummus at home or just grab some at the store, you’re in luck. Stick with quality ingredients and your hummus will always be a cut above. With that in mind, cheers and healthy eating!