Are Organic Foods Healthier? The Benefits of Organic Food

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The benefits of organic food

We live in an age of unhealthy mass-produced junk and filler foods. The landscape of modern food manufacturers is dominated by companies willing to compromise the nutritive value of the products we eat in order to keep costs low. Unfortunately, if you want to keep yourself and your loved ones healthy, you’ve got to make sure the labels on your food don’t sneak in any additives or preservatives that you don’t want to be eating!

One question at the heart of this issue is, “Why choose organic?” Many companies employ rigorous quality standards and undergo thorough inspections to earn the label of USDA Certified Organic, but is the juice worth the squeeze? Should we as consumers commit to an organic diet plan? Perhaps… but considering its purported impact on our health, we’re definitely well-served by knowing the facts.

Health-Related & Environmental Benefits of Eating Organic Food

The argument for organic food choices doesn’t just concern their effects on our health. The USDA Organic certification covers more than pesticide and additive usage; it also regulates the sustainability of food farming methods to ensure that they are physical, mechanical and biological to the fullest extent possible—instead of chemical! The intent of this certification goes beyond health, to ensure environmental benefits of eating organic food as well.

So, are organic foods healthier? Here are some simple criteria for weighing the benefits of organic food:

Organic foods don’t contain GMO’s (which can have a negative impact on your health

Many people may overstate the benefits of choosing organic food for the body, but the fact remains that organic food choices do make a positive impact on both consumer health and environmental stability.

The Organic Diet Plan: How to Start Eating Organic

 why is organic food healthier?

If you’re investigating the benefits of organic food for yourself or your family, the best way is to try it out for yourself. Some people report little to no difference, while others find that organic food choices drastically improve their wellness and mood. Considering the potential upside, it’s definitely worth a try!

Thankfully, most supermarkets have food options for your organic diet plan: vegetables, dairy, meats, canned foods, baked goods and more.  Simply look for the USDA Certified Organic label on the foods you purchase, and choose healthy foods like vegetables and whole grains. While you’re at the market, try organic HOPE Hummus, free of synthetic additives and preservatives—and available in a store near you.

It’s up to all of us to decide how best to care for ourselves. Eating organic is one of those choices. Regardless of what you decide, it’s important to know the facts and potential benefits of eating organic food, so that you can be your healthiest and happiest you.

Cheers and happy eating!