5 Mouth-Watering Veggie Tray Ideas!

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Veggie Tray IdeasIf you’ve ever hosted a party or attended a potluck, chances are you’ve tried to figure out how to make a veggie platter. Especially when the party theme is a little more elegant, your basic carrots-and-celery medley just won’t do! But fortunately, making interesting veggie trays is now easier than ever, since you don’t have to think of everything. We have curated a few of our most creative vegetable trays for you to look over, so your next vegetables and dip appetizer will be the talk of the party.

One of the saving graces as you’re starting out is: there’s no one right way to approach the question of how to make a vegetable platter. But there are some guidelines!

Be creative with your ingredients. The most creative vegetable platters use ingredients that are often overlooked, such as daikon, sweet potato, cucumber, leafy greens, heirloom tomatoes and the like. Often unique veggie trays are built with the idea of selecting unique veggies that guests will remember.

Choose a complementary dip. If you’re taking the time to select the best veggies, then the best dip for veggie tray produce will be based on their individual flavors. We are obviously in love with hummus as a veggie tray dip, since it comes in so many exciting flavors, and doesn’t skimp on the healthy ingredients. This article will help you to select a hummus dip that really makes your platter pop!

Hummus: The Go-To Dip for Veggie Platter Enthusiasts

When you’re constructing a vegetable and dip platter, you want to give guests something out of the ordinary.  Even if you’re running to the supermarket for a last-minute pre-made assortment, you can still redeem it with a creative hummus choice.  Hummus’ amazing properties, as we have talked about before, rank it among the very best dips for vegetable platters—namely, it is both super nutritious, and super delicious!

Obviously, we also recommend choosing only the highest quality hummus to complement your vegetable and dip platter.  That means choosing Certified Organic hummus that does not contain unnatural additives, and which contains only extra virgin olive oil… like HOPE Hummus!  After all, if you want to serve the best vegetable platter, you’d better be choosing the best dip.

Our Favorite Vegetable Platter Ideas!

Some of our favorite veggie and dip platters are not our own creations. There’s nothing like the blessing of friendship… and we are thankful to have so many ideas from our great Instagram friends! Our Insta page is full of beautiful dishes from talented chefs and foodies who know how to push their creative boundaries—and who really show that hummus is the best veggie tray dip. Want proof? Take a look at some of these amazing vegetable tray ideas:

Epic Holiday Party Platter by @_pop_kitchen_

Gorgeous, isn’t it? Filled with seasonal fruit, the presentation here is amazing… and it shows that often the best veggie platter contains a mix of dips, as well as both fresh and roasted veggies. Depending on your seasonal mood and selection, choose your hummus to complement!

Vegan Tacos by @eatrunandallinbetween

If you’re having a smaller party, here’s an amazing idea… prepare veggie tacos with a HOPE Spicy Avocado dip! These pre-prepared veggie boats take a creative approach to what to put on a veggie tray—and they’ll not only have your guests eating their greens, but loving every moment of it too.

Hummus Toast with Veggie Platter by @holisticzest

Our favorite veggie platter ideas are the ones that push boundaries.  This beautiful toast plate features HOPE Original and Spicy Avocado hummus and is beautifully decorated with radishes, cherry tomatoes, avocado, farm-fresh eggs, and spices. We guarantee this veggie and dip tray will disappear before your very eyes!

Cucumber Hummus Bites by @hopefoods

We don’t mean to toot our own horn here, but we had a great idea with these little cucumber, cherry tomato, and parsley snacks. Finished off with HOPE Thai Coconut Curry hummus, the traditional flavor of dip for veggie trays. Easy on the guests, as well as a fun and thoughtful presentation

Collard Green Falafel Wraps by @brooklynvegetarian

Before you accuse us of the ol’ bait-and-switch, check out this presentation! Open collard leaves make a fantastic presentation for a fancy veggie tray. This particular creation includes falafel, daikon, cucumber, and avocado, along with HOPE Red Pepper hummus. The best part about this unique vegetable tray is, if there are any leftovers, you can wrap ‘em up to eat on the go!

Visit our Instagram page for more amazing ideas… and let us know how your next party goes. As always, cheers and happy eating!