Vegan Ranch Dip: Healthy and Scrumptious

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Vegan Ranch Dip: Healthy and Scrumptious
Vegan Ranch Dip with Avocado

Ranch is pretty much an American staple. It is by far the most consumed type of salad dressing but that delicious, herby flavor has not gained its popularity through topping salads alone. Nope, ranch is used as the preferred condiment for dipping when it comes to fries, pizza, veggies, and even fish! There is no denying that ranch is amazing but sadly it also comes with a downside in the form of a tsunami of fat and calories and a mile-long list of sketchy preservatives. Finding a vegan ranch dip seems too good to be true. So what is a health-conscious, ranch-loving American to do? Find a healthy alternative! We at Hope Foods, as ranch enthusiasts ourselves, knew that there had to be a way to bring the glorious flavor and creaminess of ranch to the people but in a way that included no artificial preservatives and a much healthier nutritional profile. It may have been a Herculean level task, but in the end, we believe we have succeeded. Let us introduce to you our new Avocado Ranch Cashew and Almond dip!

A Healthy Vegan Ranch Dip

Cashews make the greatest healthy ranch dipNow you may believe that unless sorcery is involved, that there is no way to get anything remotely healthy to taste like the ranch we all know and love but we promise we didn’t have to sell our souls! We just leaned into the ancient vegan secret for the creaminess that is known as nuts. That’s right, almonds and cashews may seem unsuspecting but they are not only nutritional powerhouses but when blended, create the richest, decadent, and creamy consistency that gives dairy a run for its money. You take this heavenly base and you combine that perfect mix of herbs and seasonings that make ranch famous and what you get is a dip that not only tastes superior but is also gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan! With a ranch dip this powerful, the world will never be the same.

Healthy Ranch Dip: The Condiment that Goes with Everything

You may not think it’s possible, but let’s take it up another level. Do you think our Avocado Ranch Cashew and aAlmond dip can only be used for as a dipping vessel? Nope! Here is just a small sample of all the other ways you can use our ingenious invention to improve all the foods! If you’re looking for a vegan ranch dip recipe – look no further.

Burgers: Give your burgers a little extra oomph by slathering our avocado ranch spread all over the burger bun. Not only will you be saving calories by replacing the mayo but you’ll be adding a whole new dimension of taste!

Pasta Salad: Pasta and ranch may sound like a strange pairing but trust us, try mixing in our avocado ranch cashew and almond dip into your favorite summer pasta salad recipe and marvel at how the ranch adds complexity with even just a little bit added. Be prepared for everyone to ask you for the recipe at the next potluck.

Garlic Bread: Garlic bread on its own is pretty fabulous but spreading our avocado ranch dip over the bread just before baking will add an extra flavor explosion that will make regular garlic bread pale in comparison.

Mashed Potatoes: Crazy as it sounds, ranch and mashed potatoes are a match made in heaven. You take the silky texture of potatoes and combine it with all the herby seasonings of the ranch and it takes mashed potatoes from being just an ordinary side dish to the most sought after part of the meal.

Avocado Ranch Cashew & Almond Nut Dip - dairy free ranch dipThe Tastiest Dairy-Free Ranch Dip: Become a Connoisseur

This is just the first step in your path to becoming a ranch connoisseur. If you master these ideas and want to take your training further check out our recipes section for more ideas or if you decide to forge your own path, make sure to follow us on Instagram and tag us with your creations and you may just be featured as part of our foodie community!