2020 Guide to the Best Store Bought Hummus

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2020 Guide to the best store bought hummus

Finding the best hummus to buy can be a challenge. With so many brands and flavors available, you need to be savvy about the factors that make a good store bought hummus—because although some choices live up to hummus’ well-deserved reputation as a nutritious and delicious superfood, others are impostors just trying to cash in on the name. 

Reading nutrition labels and looking up words you’ve never seen before is a daunting task. That’s why we’ve put together this helpful 2020 guide to evaluating and finding the healthiest store bought hummus, which will identify simple ways to ensure that you wind up with the best store hummus your money can buy. 

Criteria for Evaluating the Best Grocery Store Hummus

Thankfully, reading a label is simpler that you might think! There are a few crucial factors that distinguish the best store hummus brands from their not-so-worthy competitors, and they are easy to spot! With a little preparation, you can be sure to walk out with the best store bought hummus for feeding yourself and your loved ones. Read on and see for yourself!

  • Check for Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO). The best store hummus is made just as you would make it at home—with real extra virgin olive oil! EVOO is one of the healthiest fats on earth, full of amazing benefits. You won’t find those benefits with sunflower oil, canola oil, or even just plain “olive oil!” When you’re looking for the absolute best grocery store hummus, only extra virgin will do.
  • Look for the “USDA Certified Organic” label. The best store hummus brands use organic ingredients certified by the USDA. This label means that ingredients go through a rigorous process of inspection, from seed to shelf, to make sure that they are non-GMO and untainted by unapproved preservatives or additives. Spotting this label is a quick and easy way to ensure that your store bought hummus uses the best ingredients available.
  • Make sure your store bought hummus is Cold Pressed. Cold pressing is a method of killing food-borne bacteria and other pathogens without the need for high-heat pasteurization or chemicals to maintain freshness. Extremely high pressures are applied to the food in its container to ensure that it is shelf-stable and super fresh. The end result is the purest and best tasting store bought hummus around.
  • Avoid unhealthy preservatives and additives. It’s no secret that many brands like to add in preservatives to maintain freshness—but you don’t want those in your body! Preservatives like potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate, sorbic acid, and phosphoric acid are all preservatives that you won’t find in the best store bought hummus.

Long story short: when it comes to the very best grocery store hummus, there are no shortcuts. Only premium organic ingredients and cold-pressed freshness will give you the best flavor and nutritional value.

Since our inception, from farmers’ markets to stores nationwide, HOPE Hummus has focused on creating the best store bought hummus. All of our exciting HOPE  Hummus flavors contain only extra virgin olive oil—and they’re all USDA Certified Organic, cold-pressed, and free of chemicals you don’t want in your body. We didn’t compromise on creating the best store hummus, so you won’t have to compromise on buying it.

Cheers and happy eating!!