On average, 121 people complete suicide per day in the US. Suicide completion rates among kids are also astounding – in Colorado, we recently lost a 6th grader to suicide.
Unfortunately, mental health challenges are all too common; 1 in 4 people report a mental health crisis in their life and others stay silent. Anxiety, depression, stress, lack of sleep, poor nutrition and gut health, lack of connectivity, chemical imbalances, and feelings of loss happen to many of us.
IT’S OK NOT TO BE OK all of the time. Help us break the silence, equip people with tools to recognize another person’s struggles, and get help.
We partner with Hope For The Day – a non-profit organization committed to breaking the silence on mental health. Together, we are taking action to prevent suicide by opening the door for honest conversations, educating ourselves and others, creating nutrient rich foods to support a healthy gut, and helping people get access to supportive resources.
Please join us by donating to Hope For The Day and getting educated yourself.
If you are struggling, please take our mental health assessment and seek help. IT’S OK NOT TO BE OK. You are a gift to the world and Hope will get you through this.
Hope For the Day - Together

Together we can make breaking the silence on mental health possible.

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