Vegan Chocolate Dip: Decadent and Creamy

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Vegan Chocolate Dip: Creamy and Decadent


Chocolate is perhaps the most popular and beloved of all sweets. From its smooth texture to its delicate aroma, chocolate has a way of not only helping with those sweet cravings but also just making you feel good thanks to its mood-boosting neurotransmitters and abundance of minerals. Even though chocolate itself is awesome and good for you, on its own it can be bitter and not the chocolate we truly know and love. To make it the way we want it, companies tend to use dubious ingredients and preservatives that make it not a not-so-good-for-you treat. So how do you find a compromise that keeps chocolate delicious but also find a way to make it healthy? Well, we at Hope Foods have the answer in our fabulous Chocolate Cashew and Almond Dip!

Chocolate dip and chocolate spreadCreamy, Smooth, and Not-Too-Sweet: Simply Heavenly Vegan Chocolate Dip

That’s right, instead of making chocolate more palatable with boatloads of sugar and unnatural preservatives, we have used the awesome power of nuts to create a creamy vegan chocolate spread. No mad science here, just decadent almonds and cashews mixed to create a nutritionally superior dip that will satisfy the strongest chocolate cravings. Not only that, but our chocolate spread is also dairy-free and gluten-free too so that everyone can enjoy all this awesome chocolate flavor. Not only is our chocolate spread delicious on its own, but it is also easily combined with other foods to create a whole new world of healthy chocolate goodness. Once you try our healthy chocolate dip, your world will never be the same!

Healthy Chocolate Dip: Not Just For Fruit

While our devilishly good chocolate cashew and almond dip pairs flawlessly with fruits of all kinds, it would be unfair to just stop there. This luscious dip can be used a billion different ways to give a healthy alternative to chocolate-flavored “foods” that are super high on the sugar and low on nutrition. Here are just a couple of ideas to try to guide your way to a better-for-you choco addiction!

Ice cream sundaeIce Cream – There is no other way to indulge in ice cream then it being completely covered with warm, gooey hot fudge, and then maybe some whipped cream to top it off! By this time the sugar coma will be inevitable but not only will our chocolate cashew and almond dip work amazingly well as a hot fudge alternative to bring down the overkill of sugar, but the protein of the nuts in our dip can provide a little bit of a cushion from the full-on sugar crash. Your body will thank you!


CupcakesCupcakes – Everyone knows that the best part of a cupcake is the frosting but when you are on a special diet it can be super hard to find one you can actually eat. There are cupcake recipes abound to fit any type of diet but good luck finding a gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan frosting! That is of course until we came around. Our chocolate cashew and almond dip is so versatile that you could even use it to add the perfect touch to your healthified cupcakes. Just spoon it into a piping bag and start practicing your frosting technique for cupcakes better then any bakery you have tried!


Crepes and healthy chocolate dipCrepes – Often, at many creperies, there is a certain popular chocolate nut spread that shall not be named. This dip gets to be the creamy, decadent filling to crepes but usually also comes with a ton of preservatives and skyrocketing amounts of sugar. If you want to create that delicious French experience at home, try making crepes filled without our equally luscious chocolate cashew dip for a more subtle and sophisticated flavor that puts the other chocolate nut dip to shame.


Smoothies made with a vegan chocolate dipSmoothies – Craving a milkshake? Try a frozen banana, some milk, or milk alternative of your choice with a heaping scoop of our tasty chocolate dip to make a concoction startlingly similar to the milkshakes of your youth but only a million times healthier. Want to take it even a step further? Add a splash of mint extract for the greatest mint chocolate smoothie shake to ever exist!



Make These Mouthwatering Desserts with Our Vegan Chocolate Dip

Want more inspiration? Make a dessert with our healthy chocolate dip. You can feel much better about indulging if it’s made from wholesome ingredients! Serve with pancakes for a chocolately and healthier start to the day (or dinner – who doesn’t love breakfast for dinner). Make a creamy and rich hot chocolate, or use it in place of traditional chocolate for your next s’mores party around the campfire.

This isn’t even a speck In the mountain of options you have when using our healthy chocolate cashew and almond dip. If you have already whirled past these recommendations, give our recipes section a try for even more tantalizing recipes or get creative and come up with some inventions! If you do, make sure to tag us and you can earn yourself the honor of being featured in our foodie community!