The New Pasta Power-Up: Hummus Sauce

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Discover Hummus Pasta Sauce

For decades, even centuries, pasta has been viewed as a classically Italian fare. As such, marinara, carbonara, pesto and Alfredo have long been the preferred pairings for the al dente treat. However, times are changing. We are in the middle of a full-on foodie revolution, and many traditional cultural dishes are being reinvented and reimagined. To wit, the growing interconnection of cultures has resulted in new flavor fusions that boggle the mind—and your taste buds!

If you had told an ancient Italian about hummus pasta sauce, you’d have received nothing but incredulous stares, and perhaps a not-so-polite request to vacate the premises! But in recent years, hummus sauce recipes have started popping up, and they have persisted because people love their rich flavors, creamy texture, and nutrient density.

Hummus Pasta Sauce Recipes You’re Sure to Love!

The best hummus sauce begins with the best hummus. If you want top-quality fresh flavors and nutritive value, your hummus should meet the following standards:

If your hummus meets those standards—like HOPE Hummus does!—then you are ready to whip up some awesome hummus sauce recipes. So, with no further ado, check out these hip hummus sauces and tell us you’re not impressed:

Creamy Hummus Pasta – This linguine recipe combines Jalapeño Cilantro hummus with sun dried tomatoes, diced garlic, and spinach. The resulting hummus sauce is creamy and slightly spicy, and it makes for a great comfort food option when you want something outside the box!

Kale Pesto Penne with Roasted Tomatoes – Looking to keep your pasta a bit more traditional? This rich hummus pasta sauce combines Kale Pesto with baby heirloom tomatoes, for a yummy high-protein pasta that’s perfect for lunch or dinner.

Creamy Beet Pasta – Talk about flavor fusions! This unusual yet delicious hummus sauce recipe uses garlic and organic beets to enhance the tart flavor of Original Recipe hummus. With its delightful red-pink hue and fresh flavor, this dish is a surefire crowd-pleaser at your next potluck.

Jalapeño Red Mac ‘n’ Cheese – For those times when you want to spice up an American classic instead of an Italian one, try this zesty variation! Jalapeño Red hummus pairs beautifully with almond milk, raw cashews, garlic, onion, yeast, and broccoli to create a mac ‘n’ cheese hummus sauce that was born to satisfy!

You may love these four ideas, but they’re only the beginning! For more amazing recipes and innovative ideas, check out our awesome foodie friends on Instagram—and be sure to follow us for the latest tasty recipes from both our Hope Kitchen and our foodie community.

But sometimes the most satisfying recipes are the ones you dream up. If you have the next big hummus sauce idea, then let us know. If you wind up on our blog or Insta page, you’re practically famous! And your newfound riches will buy you amazing HOPE Hummus for life.

As always, cheers and happy eating!