Smooth Sauce: Best Recipes for Creamy Hummus!

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How to make Hummus CreamyAre you looking for a smooth, suave dip for your next engagement? Or perhaps your next snack? Well, don’t even bother with the artificial dip aisle… leave the fake nacho cheese and ranch dip alone! When you want something both nutritious and delicious, creamy hummus fits the bill perfectly. And it just happens that we’ve got some amazing smooth hummus recipes for you to try!

Hummus, as we have noted before, is a nutritional powerhouse—you can scarcely find a reputable health, nutrition, or fitness website that doesn’t rave about it. Packed with muscle-building protein, complex carbohydrates, heart-healthy fats, digestive fiber, and tons of vitamins and nutrients, hummus is celebrated as a simple, nutrient-dense and whole-food option for people who want a scrumptious and filling health food.

The Creamy Hummus Secret

So perhaps you’re already in the know about creamy hummus… or you’re at least wondering how to make hummus creamy! Well, take our word for it: we know how to make smooth hummus. And the secret lies in the right ingredients. A proper creamy hummus recipe will use only the highest-quality ingredients, chosen both for their nutritional benefits and textural qualities.  What do we mean? Here are a few factors essential to a smooth hummus recipe:

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) – You might think all hummus brands use EVOO, but that’s where you’d be wrong. The highest grade of olive oil, EVOO contains more heart-healthy Omega-3 fatty acids than any other olive oil, including Virgin or Refined. And it blows canola oil out of the water. Plus, its extra smooth and unrefined quality make it one of creamy hummus’ secret ingredients!
  • Quality Tahini – Tahini, an essential component of creamy hummus, needs to be high-quality in order to yield the smoothest texture and flavor. This means it must be free of added salt, oil, sugar, or even coloring. And while we’re at it, your tahini should be certified organic in order to merit inclusion in your creamy hummus.
  • Non-Pasteurization – When you make hummus at home, do you heat it to 450º for 5 minutes? We think not! The best creamy hummus recipes are made without pasteurization, through High Pressure Processing—which prolongs shelf life without altering texture, and without requiring artificial preservatives!

Okay… now you have your facts straight. Anyone can find a quality smooth hummus recipe by checking if it contains EVOO and quality tahini, and is High Pressure Processed.  On to some recipes now, you say?

HOPE Knows How to Make Hummus Creamy!

Why should you choose HOPE for your next creamy hummus? Well, we’ve spent years developing the most delicious and creative smooth hummus recipes, and we are proud to say that they are of the highest quality on the market. USDA Certified Organic and High Pressure Processed, HOPE Hummus uses only organic EVOO and high-quality tahini—and it contains no artificial preservatives. So when we say we know how to make smooth hummus, you can believe it. Want to try it? Pick up one of these delectable recipes today:

  • Kale Pesto – This amazingly creamy hummus combines two Mediterranean favorites: pesto and hummus! Perfect for a dip, or as a wrap or bowl ingredient, Kale Pesto has won over the hearts of many foodies searching for the perfect smooth hummus recipe.
  • Black Garlic – Infused with the mellow warmth of aged and slow-roasted garlic, this tasty treat has certainly reveals the creamy hummus secret! You can’t go wrong with a container of Black Garlic, whether you’re looking for a veggie or chip dip!
  • Jalapeño Red – If you’re looking for a creamy hummus recipe with a little heat, here’s your treat! Combining a sriracha-like warmth with some jalapeño kick, this hummus still has a creamy and smooth texture. Perfect for a burrito or wrap topper.
  • Original Recipe – How could we even talk about how to make smooth hummus without including the perennial classic? Original hummus is the recipe that started it all… great as a dip, sandwich spread, bowl ingredient, or cracker topper. An easy choice if you want to be versatile with your options.

That’s it! Next time someone asks you about creamy hummus recipes, you can say you’re in the know. Especially if you’re prepared with a delicious, high-quality container of HOPE Hummus. If you’ve already taken the HOPE Challenge, then you know. But if you’re in doubt, pick up a container today and see if it’s not the best you’ve ever tasted!

As always, cheers and happy eating.