Can’t Get Enough of Mediterranean Hummus!

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Learn about Mediteranean Hummus

If you’re like us, you have to stop by the store each week to stock up on a new container of hummus. Well, maybe two. And there are obviously a ton of flavors out there to choose from, which is nice… but sometimes you want to be authentic! Even within the realm of traditional Mediterranean hummus, you could choose from many different types. For example, you could try an Israeli hummus recipe, a Greek hummus recipe, a Lebanese hummus recipe, or an Arabic hummus recipe!

Before you get overwhelmed, we have some good news. The truth is, these recipes are not traditionally all that different; it would be easy, for example, to confuse a Lebanese hummus with an Israeli hummus. However, there are differences; these countries would serve different traditional food with their hummus recipes, and would tend towards making their hummus with local ingredients—i.e., a Greek hummus would likely use Greek olive oil and chickpeas, whereas a Lebanese hummus would use ingredients sourced closer to Lebanon.

Looking to Try Mediterranean Hummus Recipes?

But what if you want to try, for example, an authentic Israeli hummus recipe in the United States? Realistically, you might think only solid options are to visit an Israeli restaurant, or to make your own at home. But there’s a third option you should should try if you’re wanting to sample traditional hummus recipes reminiscent of different countries—check out HOPE Original Recipe!

HOPE Original Recipe hummus, and each of our other flavors, has been painstakingly crafted after Mediterranean recipes, using high-quality ingredients and containing no artificial preservatives or additives. And by altering the recipe at home just a bit, you can create your own mediterranean hummus recipes. The only way to get closer to Lebanese hummus, Greek hummus, or Israeli hummus would be to pack up and move!

Create Your Own Hummus Today

Lebanese Hummus Recipe – Lebanese hummus is famous for its smooth, creamy flavor and texture, which it achieves by downplaying lemon and spices and focusing on olive oil, chickpeas, and tahini. Take your container of HOPE Original Recipe and throw it in a blender with the following ingredients:

  • ¼ cup chickpeas
  • 1 tablespoon tahini
  • 1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil
  • Sea salt to taste

Top the finished hummus with a tablespoon or two of extra virgin olive oil, and your Lebanese hummus is complete!

Arabic Hummus Recipe – Most Arabic hummus recipes are not dissimilar from the Lebanese hummus variety. However, they are a bit lighter on olive oil… so just cut the added tablespoon in the Lebanese hummus recipe down to a teaspoon and you’re good to go.

Israeli Hummus Recipe – Surprisingly enough, we’ve gotten a ton of feedback from Israelis who say our hummus tastes just like an authentic Israeli hummus recipe! So you don’t really need to do much to it… but if you want to try some Israeli hummus variations, try blending in ¼ cup of fava beans or ½ cup of mushrooms!

Greek Hummus Recipe – One of the most famous and re-created varieties worldwide, Greek hummus prominently features extra virgin olive oil made from Greek olives. Find yourself a quality Greek olive oil and stir in an extra teaspoon into your HOPE Original Recipe.

This is just a quick guide for those who want the traditional Mediterranean hummus flavors without having to book a flight! At HOPE Hummus, we love hearing your suggestions too… so if you have any suggestions or tweaks, we’d love to hear your thoughts. Until then, cheers and happy eating!