Hummus Makes the Best Vegan Veggie Dip

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Vegan Veggie DipSometimes, beef is not for dinner.  Whether you are a practicing vegan or vegetarian, or you are an omnivore who wants a break from burgers and roast chicken, there is definitely a place in life for veggie-only snacks. Upping your vegetable intake has been proven to provide many health benefits, as it reduces the risk of heart attack, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, high blood pressure, some types of cancer, bone loss, and obesity.

That’s not all… studies have proven that eating a diet high in veggies—specifically one that includes 7-8 servings per day—creates a measurable positive effect on life satisfaction and feelings of well-being.  The bottom line is, veggies are great for both your body and your mind.

If you’re like us, this makes you want to eat a whole veggie platter right now.  If that’s the case, why not keep your roll going with some delicious vegan vegetable dip? Thankfully, hummus is one of the best vegan dips: All of its traditional ingredients are plant-based, yet it boasts super-nutritious roster of protein, complex carbohydrates, heart-healthy fats, and vitamins and minerals. Hummus is a super-healthy vegan veggie dip! … Or so we would hope.

Which Vegan Vegetable Dips Not to Buy

Before you buy into hummus as one of the healthy vegan veggie dips, you have to pay attention to which brands actually celebrate the healthiness of hummus, instead of simply cashing in on its healthy reputation.  It’s all too easy to whip up mass amounts of heavily-processed “hummus product” and sell it as healthy, using unsavory techniques like these:

It this sounds something like your hummus, ditch it.  The last thing you need when you’re on a healthy kick is a dip that’s trying to kill you. Fortunately, however, there are some companies out there that still care about what you put in your body.

HOPE Hummus: The Best Vegan Veggie Dip

When it comes to quality, we’ve got you covered. Our hummus is USDA Certified Organic, High Pressure Processed for fresh taste and no synthetic preservatives, and made with 100% extra virgin olive oil.  Not only that, we’ve got the coolest flavors on the block. We won’t even get into it here, except that you could try some of our creative vegan dip recipes, like hearty Buffalo Bleu; or our smooth Black Garlic; or our tangy Original; or our exotic Thai Coconut Curry… Okay, maybe we got into it a little bit.  And we also have a rich Kale Pesto. And a spicy Jalapeño Red. Just sayin’.

Okay, we’re done there.  We promise.

All kidding aside, our amazing flavors are so much more than vegetarian dips for chips and veggies. If you want to spice up your diet, don’t just dip and munch… get into veggie-rich recipes! What do we mean?  Well, we have plenty of suggestions for vegan dips and appetizers, as well as full-on meal ideas, coming straight out of our Hope Kitchen.  And we also have a ton of foodie friends on Instagram, whose creativity extends well beyond hummus’ traditional role as a vegan chip dip.

What do we mean?  Here are just a handful out of the hundreds of hummus recipes we’ve got for you… try a few and see if you’re not blown away!

Hummus Recipes

Vegan Pasta Bowl from @autoimmunenutrition

This delightful combo of konjac noodles and HOPE Kale Pesto hummus is rounded out by cucumber, carrots, mixed beans, green beans, and nutritional yeast. YUM!

Collard Veggie Wraps from @eatthegains

Aside from the visual “wow” factor, these collard green wraps are a real nutrition boost, containing HOPE Thai Coconut Curry hummus, green pepper, shredded carrots, apple, beets, and cabbage.

Baked Root Veggie Chips from the HOPE Kitchen

A vegan answer to Lay’s and French Onion… these root chips are super healthy, and super tasty when combined with a vegan chip dip like HOPE Buffalo Bleu or Spicy Avocado!

Veggie Buddha Bowl from @livlight_
HOPE Original Recipe rounds out this delicious combo of baked broccoli, beets, radishes, avocado, and carrots. Premium fuel for the day.

Mango Jalapeño Cauliflower Wings from the HOPE Kitchen

Get a kick in the pants with this creative take on chicken wings. HOPE Jalapeño Cilantro provides the heat to this mouth-watering mango/cauliflower combo.

Looks like going veggie ain’t all bad, is it? Let us know what you think of these recipes, or others on the web”—or make your own and tell us all about it!  We are all about healthy and delicious food for you and your loved ones, and we love hearing your thoughts and ideas about where to go next.

As always, cheers and happy eating!