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This Saturday, May 13th, is National Hummus Day and we’re feelin’ a GIVEAWAY! One lucky chickpea will receive a 3 month supply of Hope Hummus and all of our participating brand partners:

Banza (chickpea pasta)
Better Bean Co. (fresh beans)
FlapJacked (protein pancake mix)
Perfect Bar (whole food protein bars)
Rebbl (nut milks and elixirs)
Safe Catch (low-mercury tuna)
Salba Chia (whole chia seed)
Siggi’s (skyr yogurt)
Simple Mills (almond flour crackers)
Vital Farms (pasture-raised eggs)
Vital Proteins (pasture-raised, grass-fed collagen peptides)
Wild Friends (nut butters)

Enter by following @hopefoods on Instagram through the form below!

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Erika Morrison Bunda | 2 months ago
Hi awesome Hope people, I try to choose Non-GMO Project Verified products often. I do not use Instagram, wondering if is possible to enter the Hope's Non- GMO giveaway. It sounds like a promising idea. The best as always, Erika Morrison Bunda
James Champion | 4 months ago
My favorite flavor is the Spicy Avocado!!!!!! You all are a God send to the Brand new vegan I am....
Ross Porter | 4 months ago
I live in the Indianapolis metro area and wish I could try Lemon Peppercorn hummus (apparently not sold here—yet?) on fish. I don't know but it sounds like a possibility after finding out your Kale Pesto hummus (or Jalapeno Cilantro or Original) is amazing on grass feed beef products (if you're not vegetarian/vegan try Applegate Farms Organics 100% grass-fed pasture-raised hot dogs with the kale pesto hummus liberally on top).
Sally adler | 5 months ago
Just discovered your amazing fantastic product!! We used to live in Boulder but unfortunately had to move back to Virginia. Thank you for creating such a healthy delicious recipe. I hope Fresh Market or Harris Teeter carry all of the varieties! Keep cooking!!!
Emily | 6 months ago
Ah this is the best giveaway I have ever seen!!
Mica | 6 months ago
This would be a dream!
Susan Karp | 6 months ago
Just devoured a diced hard-boiled egg smothered with Thai coconut curry HOPE hummus. A super snack/meal. Thanks a million for HOPE!
Gabrielle VanBeaver | 6 months ago
Gabby VanBeaver | 6 months ago
This is fantastic! Fingers crossed!