How Many Calories in Hummus? A Snack Comparison to Other Favorites

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How many calories in hummus dip?

Across the nation, more and more people are discovering a delicious alternative to traditional dips and spreads: Step aside salad dressing and French onion-flavored dips, this chickpea-tahini dip is quickly becoming a snack time favorite!  If you’re new to the humus craze you may be asking yourself, “How does it compare to other snacks?” and “How many calories in hummus?” Today, we’re going to take a look at hummus calories and how it stacks up to its competitors.


The Breakdown – a Look at Hummus Calories

First, to understand the importance of calories, let’s have a look at the definition.  A calorie is defined as a unit that measures the amount of energy the food produces when eaten or digested.  As human-beings, calories are essential to life, since they provide us with the energy we need to live, move and even breathe. Without calories, our bodies would no longer be able to function in ways we take for granted – our heart and lungs would cease to work and even our cells would die without energy.


Hope Hummus Calories Count

Now that we have a better understanding of the definition of calories and the important role they play in our daily lives, let’s have a look at how many calories are in our products:

Lemon Peppercorn

Our Lemon Peppercorn flavor has 60 calories per serving.

Spicy Avocado

The Spicy Avocado, Original Recipe, Kale Pesto, Sriracha, and Red Pepper flavors have 50 calories per serving.

Thai Coconut Curry

While our Thai Coconut Curry variety has only 45 calories per serving.

Black Garlic

Our Black Garlic,  Jalapeno Cilantro, Spicy Green Chili Guacamole, and even our Dark Chocolate, and Dark Chocolate Coconut flavors only have 40 calories per serving.


Comparing the Calories in Hummus to Other Snacks

Low calorie hummus - a better alternative to traditional snacks

To put these numbers into perspective let’s have a look at how some of America’s traditional snacking dips and spreads compare! Here are three very common snack foods that we all enjoy:

As you can see, they contain far more calories than our favorite dip. And, these numbers are even more shocking when you realize that most of us don’t eat just one cookie (come on, admit it, we don’t ever stop at one, either). Not only do these snacks have many more calories, they aren’t healthy and nutritious like hummus is.


Low Calorie Hummus: A Healthy Snack Alternative

The calories in hummus dip are much lower than traditional snacks, and the nutrition is much higher. It contains protein, fiber, and other nutrition that our bodies need to be healthy, while the other snacks are full of sugar, dairy, and gluten. We’ve been saying it for years – hummus truly is the best snack in the world. It is an excellent choice if you are trying to lose weight, because the protein it contains will help you stay fuller longer, and the fiber will aid your digestion. Dip it with veggies or a whole wheat bread, and you’ll get the rest of your needed nutrition for the day.


If you’re looking for a well-rounded snack, pick up one of the many flavors of Hope today!