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Welcome to The Spread—the brand-new blog from your friends at HOPE! We think the time is prime for HOPE to start a blog so we can share and celebrate all the things we love about organic food, fresh + clean ingredients and healthy living with you. We want to swap all the fun ideas we whip up in our HOPE Taste Kitchen with the ones you whip up in your own kitchen! We developed The Spread to provide fun and relevant content that YOU care about. Feel free to leave comments and make requests for future topics you’d like to discuss!


Hi! I’m Allie, the recipe developer + food stylist + photographer behind the creations you see on HOPE social media sites. I am a nutritionist by education and can’t wait to share my food + kitchen knowledge with you here on The Spread! My nutrition philosophy is simple. I believe the best meals are those made with fresh, seasonal ingredients like the ones we use at HOPE. I believe we all deserve health and happiness and that we can nourish and heal our body, mind and spirit through food.

A little bit about me…

  • My favorite HOPE Hummus flavor is Sriracha!
  • I haven’t eaten meat or fish in 15 years.
  • I have a blue-eyed st. bernard + border collie dog named Echo, who’s overexcited about life in general! His favorite foods (I’m not kidding here…) are broccoli, cauliflower, kale, brussel sprouts, green apples and bell peppers. He can usually be found laying at my feet in the kitchen!


The Spread is not a strictly plant-based or gluten-free blog, although a lot of my recipes fall into these two categories. This happens for a few reasons: our hummus is allergen-friendly and dairy-free, I am vegetarian, and many of my coworkers at HOPE have gluten or dairy diet restrictions. I’m always looking for ways to get more plants in our diet and love the challenge in creating plant-based recipes that taste just as good (or even better!) than the original.


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