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What to Eat with Hummus

Ever have a tub of hummus in your fridge and wonder what you could do with it?  Especially as different companies are offering so many varied flavors, this dip has become even more versatile in its uses and pairings. So many people use humus as an easy dipping snack for quick lunches or meals — and although the standard “veggie or cracker dip” is tried and true, we have a ton of ideas on things to eat with hummus, so you can dazzle your tastebuds with our favorite dip!


What to Serve with Hummus

At HOPE we work hard to find and create new things to eat with hummus, or including it in a recipe. Most of the recipes contained in this article are from our Instagram account or from those of our fabulous foodie friends. O@ur HOPE Instagram is frequently updated with delicious new recipes to inspire you with what goes good with hummus, so if you are interested in creations that will wow your guests and your palate, be sure to follow us at @hopefoods!

Rather than just list off what to serve with hummus, and what tastes good with hummus, we have separated our recipes into main categories of applications, with tasty examples of each use for prepared hummus. Enjoy!


What tastes good with hummus? Spread itSpread It!

One of the most popular prepared hummus uses is as a spread on sandwiches and wraps.  It serves as a healthy replacement for mayonnaise or mustard, and adds a unique flavor to boot.  Also make sure to check out “alternative toasts” made from sweet potato and eggplant!

What goes good with hummus? Bowl it!

Bowl it!

Simple and easy nutritional bowls are a popular healthy treat, because you can throw in any tasty foods you want and enjoy all sorts of flavor combinations!  This dip can liven up these  satisfying meals in all sorts of ways.  These are just a tiny sample of the creative bowls available  check out our friends’ Instagram accounts for more!


What to serve with hummus? Bake it!

Bake it!

Would you ever imagine baking with hummus?  We certainly have!  Since HOPE unveiled our Dark Chocolate and Dark Chocolate Coconut hummus flavors, we have opened up a new world of what goes good with hummus, and we and others have had tons of fun baking up healthy and delicious treats.


Food with hummus - cook it!

Cook it!

While we are thinking outside the box, why not cook some food with this tasty dip as well?  At the HOPE recipe section, we love getting creative with new recipes!


Want More Ideas??

As one of the rising stars of the food world, humus has been increasingly talked about, experimented with, and used outside of traditional roles.  There seems to be no limit to what tastes good with hummus!  For even more mouth-watering ideas, check out these articles in BON APPETIT, SHAPE MAGAZINE, EPICURIOUS, and THE FOOD NETWORK.  Between the amazing ideas on Instagram and at these publications, there is no shortage of ideas about what to eat with hummus.

If you have a recipe you’d like to add to our ever-growing list, we’d love to hear from you at HOPEFOODS.COM.  In the meantime, much love and good eating!