Flavoir Faire: Hummus as a Crudité Dip!

Hope Foods

Crudite DipCruditésn. mixed raw vegetables served as an hors d’oeuvre, typically with a sauce into which they may be dipped. Hmmm. This definition, taken from Oxford Dictionary, is essentially saying that a crudités platter is nothing more than a bunch of veggies and dip.  Is that so?? Perhaps next time I grab a premade veggie tray at the supermarket and bring it to the party, I will tell people to stop saying I brought the rabbit food, because really it is “crudités.”

All jesting aside, there is a difference, isn’t there? When people use this term, derived from the French term meaning “rawness or crudity,” they are not generally talking about a few celery stalks and carrot sticks. No, this word carries a connotation of elegance, of class, of sophistication. Especially when you say it right: “Krew/dee/TAY.”

You want carrots? How about heirloom baby carrots with the tops left on. Celery sticks? Probably not… but we have radishes dusted with olive oil and celery salt! Oh, and the broccoli? Perhaps you were looking for these romanesco cauliflower florets.  No cheddar cheese and turkey cubes here—but we have some delicious Brie and Italian salami!

If these are the kind of ingredients you’re imagining, then in your quest for a dip for a crudité platter, you aren’t going to be tossing the ranch dressing around. Think more like curry, or sun-dried tomato, or herbed yogurt… or fresh hummus. After all, when you’re classing your platter up, you may want to up your dip game as well. There are plenty of recipes for interesting dips out there, but when you’re looking for less time-intensive solutions that don’t skimp on elegant flavors, HOPE Hummus has your back.

Finding a Quality Vegetable Crudité Dip

First, it must be said that not just any hummus will do. After all, it’s not veggies and dip—its crudités and dip! So you’ll want a hummus whose ingredients are as classy as yours are. Here are three ways to assess your hummus… because if they don’t meet these standards, they don’t belong on your endives and asparagus:

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil – the king of olive oils, with smooth flavor and full of heart-healthy fats. Don’t be tricked by regular olive oil.  And don’t even get us started on canola oil.
  • Preservative Free – Look for hummus made with High Pressure Processing, which preserves freshness and flavor without any unnatural additives.  Sodium benzoate and nitrate? Pass!
  • USDA Certified Organic – Only the best ingredients are fit for the best crudité dip. Organic ingredients use less harmful pesticides and farming methods for highest quality and health.

HOPE Hummus adheres to all three of these important standards, precisely so you don’t have to worry about what you’re serving your family and guests.  So now that you know you have a quality choice, how about moving on to…

Delicious Crudité Dip Flavors

Of course, the best dip for crudité platter veggies depends on what veggies you choose. However, there are some flavors that not only go well with most veggies, but can be paired with many cheeses or dried meats as well.  It is best to try your combinations beforehand to ensure they mesh well, but here are three of the most attractive hummus ideas for your next platter:

  • Black Garlic – this mellow garlicky flavor comes from slow-roasted garlic, an ingredient that top chefs love for its caramel notes and less pungent flavor.  Pairs with cheeses, meats, and veggies alike due to its versatile and smooth garlic flavor.
  • Kale Pesto – A slightly more vibrant twist, Kale Pesto hummus will go best with veggie and cheese crudité platters. If you’re not planning on serving meat, this is a great option for adding a classy twist.
  • Thai Coconut Curry – An exotic and tangy-sweet blend, this hummus is best for veggie-only trays.  And it doesn’t disappoint, with a smooth curry taste and a hint of jalapeño heat.

Next time you decide to serve “hors d’oeuvres” instead of appetizers, give your guests something they’ll remember.  We want your next crudités and dip party to be the talk of the town, so we bring only the most delicious, most elegant, and healthiest flavors to the table.  Try a container of HOPE and see if we’re wrong!

And if you do serve crudités at your next party, send us a picture.  Who knows? You may wind up on our Instagram feed with all the other delicious recipes and ideas, and earn your 15 minutes of fame!

As always, à votre santé and bon appétit!