Easy Vegetarian Appetizers Finger Food : 8 Creative and Delicious Ideas

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Vegan Vegetarian Appetizer

Having guests over? There’s only so much summer warmth left… so whatever you’re planning, we’ve compiled a list of delicious vegetarian and vegan appetizer ideas to give your party some flair! Whether you want traditional fare or more unique vegetarian party appetizers, you’re only minutes away.

As you probably know by now, one of the best ingredients for your tasty and filling vegan appetizer ideas is HOPE Hummus. With creative flavors and premium ingredients, we’re proud to be both vegetarian and vegan, as well as USDA Certified Organic and High Pressure Processed to ensure that our hummus contains no harmful pesticides, GMO ingredients, or artificial additives. Whether you’re planning a get-together or a gala, you can be sure that these flavorful vegetarian party appetizers will keep your veggie-loving guests healthy and happy!

Read on for some amazing vegetarian and vegan buffet party foods, courtesy of our dedicated flavor creators in the HOPE Kitchen and our foodie friends on Instagram! And if you’ve got your own app idea, don’t keep it secret—let us know!

Vegan and Vegetarian Party Appetizers

  • Poolside Snack Plate by @erinvelez
    Need vegetarian appetizer ideas for party by the pool? Serve your guests a scrumptious mix of olives, yellow bell peppers, carrots, pepperoni, cheese cubes, and crackers, paired with the mellow flavors of Black Garlic hummus. Or substitute your own favorite dippers as well! But bring enough… This is one of those vegetarian appetizer ideas that’s sure to disappear fast.
  • Buffalo Bleu Cauliflower Wings
    You may not realize it, but with these hot and tangy cauliflower wings, you’re just a few steps away from an amazing vegan appetizer for your party. Just coat some cauliflower heads with a blend of Buffalo Bleu hummus, garlic powder, onion powder, flour, salt and pepper, and then bake. Simple prep for a satisfying and easy vegan appetizer idea!
  • Elote Hummus Dip
    Want something to pair with your mini tostadas? Well, if you’ve had Mexican elote dip, then you know that it makes for a great vegan buffet party food. Dress up a bowl of Original Recipe hummus with charred corn, olive oil, paprika, lime juice, and cilantro—then surround with tortilla or pita slices to create an easy vegan appetizer for a party. And if some of your guests aren’t vegan, throw in some cotija cheese to give it even more flair!
  • Curry Beet Flackers by @thatwellthylife
    No time? No problem! With these quick and delicious bite-sized treats, you can get your guests’ vegan buffet party food ready in minutes. Grab some Flackers organic seed crackers, spread on a layer of Thai Coconut Curry hummus, and top with all natural and organic Love Beets. This exotic vegan appetizer idea’s both keto friendly and super nutritious!
  • Baked Root Veggie Chips
    Honestly, who doesn’t love chips? This has got to be near the top of vegetarian appetizer ideas. Sweet potato, beet, daikon, and other root chips are quick to slice and bake with some salt and pepper, and you can pair with any hummus you like! Personally, we recommend Buffalo Bleu or Spicy Avocado… but with a recipe like this, your vegetarian appetizers finger food is just 40 minutes away!
  • Japanese Sweet Potato Fries by @foragingforfigs
    This vegan buffet party food is super simple, but super tasty! Crispy baked fries made from Japanese sweet potato slices surround a new take on Original Recipe hummus: just add beetroot powder and top with pumpkin seeds! A gorgeous presentation, this is one of the more impressive yet easy vegan appetizers for a party.
  • Jalapeño Red Deviled Eggs
    Definitely not a vegan option, but your vegetarian friends will love ‘em. This twist on traditional deviled eggs is one of the more entertaining vegetarian appetizer ideas for party guests… And if you’re not serving a meal, then this hard boiled egg and Jalapeño Red hummus combo is sure to keep guests’ stomach full! Vegetarian party appetizers were never this fun.

See you at the party! As always, cheers and happy eating.