Building a Better World one Nut Dip, Hummus, and Guacamole at a Time

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Building a Better World one Nut Dip and Hummus at a Time

This year will mark the 51st celebration of Earth Day. While most of us aren’t celebrating it specifically (if you’re going to an Earth Day party, then you have cool friends), it’s a good reminder to consider some of our dietary choices and how they impact the world in which we live. Because what you eat actually does have an impact on our planet (every little bit helps).

What you eat actually does have an impact on our planet

Here at Hope Foods, we’re dedicated to building a better world – one hummus, cashew & almond dip and guacamole at a time. 

Building a Better World one Nut Dip and Hummus at a Time

Junk Food = Bad for Our Bodies and the Environment

One of the most important daily choices we can make is what we use to fuel our bodies. When we eat junk food, it hurts our immune systems, damages our metabolism, and can lead to an increased risk of heart disease. Junk food has another impact as well: it is damaging to our planet. A recent study found that  “if a food product is good for one aspect of a person’s health, it’s better for other health outcomes, as well. The same holds for environmental outcomes.” Additionally, the study found that “almost all foods associated with improved health outcomes (e.g., whole grain cereals, fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, and olive oil) have the lowest environmental impacts.”

What’s in our hummus and nut dips? That’s right! Nuts, legumes, and olive oil: Three of the foods associated with the lowest environmental impact. We say that’s a win for everyone.

How We’re Dedicated to a More Sustainable World

Here at Hope Foods, we’re all about living healthier. We create products and support organizations that nourish the body, mind, and soul. We care about the well-being of you and our planet. This is why we create our hummus, cashew & almond dips, and guacamole with only the highest-quality ingredients. In addition to being non-GMO verified, Kosher certified, and Plant-Based:

USDA Organic Seal

USDA Certified Organic:

This certification is important because it means that no pesticides or additives were used in the farming or production of the ingredients. Pesticides and additives = bad for the environment and our bodies. 

High Pressure Processed:

This is a fancy way of saying we don’t process our hummus or nut dips using preservatives or high heat. Avoiding preservatives is a win, and while high heat does kill microbes (yay!), it also kills a lot of the nutrition (lame). High-Pressure Processing (or HPP) is also called “cold-pressure processing” or “Pascalization.” It’s a better choice for more nutrition and less environmental impact. An obvious win-win situation. 

Vegan spinach dip almonds

Locally Sourced, Sustainable Ingredients

We focus on sourcing our entire garbanzo supply domestically and creating partnerships with farmers. Did you know that garbanzo beans are one of the least water-demanding crops grown here in the US? Also, our partners don’t use chemicals to harvest the beans, opting to allow them to dry out naturally in the sun. Both of these seemingly small choices have a big impact on the planet and our health. 

Non-GMO Verified

Accordig to the non-GMO project, “more than 80% of all genetically modified crops grown worldwide have been engineered for herbicide tolerance.” This means that the use of toxic herbicides (which is carcinogenic) has increased fifteenfold since the introduction of GMO’s. Carcinogens are just as bad for us as they are for the planet. This is why we create products that are non-GMO project verified!

Garbanzo beans are one of the least water-demanding crops, and our partners allow the beans to dry out naturally in the sun as opposed to using harsh chemicals. Better for the earth and better for us.

Supporting Mental Health for a Future of Hope

We take pride in helping protect the earth by creating healthier hummus, cashew & almond dips, and guacamole. We’re also dedicated to creating a brighter future by supporting mental health. We do this in a couple of ways: 

Hope For the Day Logo

Hope for the Day

First, we partner with Hope for the Day – an organization committed to breaking the silence on mental health. They are all about proactive prevention. “Proactive prevention is about creating an environment that doesn’t wait for someone to reach a point of crisis to address their mental health. In doing proactive prevention, individuals step up to take action and facilitate the conversation on mental health in their spaces.” That’s a mission we can get behind. Creating and nourishing hope is part of who we are. 

Tools for Self-Care& Mental Health Support

Second, we have an on-site, certified Integrated Nutrition Health Coach and Mental Health First Responder who has compiled tools for self-care and mental health support. We’re partnering with you to prevent suicide by opening the door for honest conversations, educating ourselves and others about mental health, helping people get access to support, and creating nutrient-rich foods to support a healthy gut. 

Small Choices Have a Big Impact on Our World

Seemingly small choices have a big impact on the health of our planet and our own health. That’s why we choose organic, non-GMO ingredients for our hummus, guacamole, and cashew & almond dips. That’s why we choose to partner with local farmers to grow more sustainably. That’s why we choose high-pressure processing for our products. That’s why we work to raise awareness of the small things we can do on a daily basis to support mental health and save lives. One of our favorite quotes is: 

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

These recipes are for those who like the finer things of life (let’s face it – we all like a bit of champagne and caviar if the occasion allows). While caviar isn’t on the list, it might as well be, as these recipes could be for a dinner party as well as for game day snack food.

Here at Hope Foods, we’re all about hope. Creating, nurturing, and spreading hope. We are committed to spreading this hope to all areas of our lives – by creating food that is good for our bodies and the environment, and supporting and raising awareness of mental health. 

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